The Career Services, was officially opened in October 2008.

The Career Service Center's mission is to be an innovative service of UDST, that assists with the career development of its students, to support the workforce plans for the State of Qatar.

To achieve the mission, the Centre provides the following services:
  • Career counselling services (may be accompanied with a career assessment);
  • Assistance with resume/cover letter writing;
  • Career readiness workshops 
  • Simulated job interviews for students;
  • Student employment services (i.e. on-campus part-time employment); and
  • Liaise between UDST’s talent and prospective employers to facilitate job placement.
  • Assistance with job search techniques and employability skills;
  • Help students understand the workforce development needs of business and industry and the State of Qatar.

Contact Information

Any student who may need assistance with their career development needs, can visit Career Services (Office 6.2.05). The Centre is open from Sunday-Thursday, 7:30 am-3:00 pm.

Alternatively, you may contact 4495 2679.