Student Engagement


Student Engagement Department

The Student Engagement Department at UDST serves as the heart of campus life, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. Committed to enriching the student experience, we offer a diverse array of services and initiatives. Whether you're seeking to join student clubs, immerse yourself in campus-wide events, shape university policies through the Student Council, or get involved on campus in any other way, our department is here to empower you. We are dedicated to facilitating your personal growth, building meaningful connections, and ensuring your success throughout your university journey. Welcome to a world of opportunities at the Student Engagement Department.


Our Services


Student Clubs & Activities

Discover and join student clubs and organizations tailored to your interests and passions. Engage with like-minded individuals and foster meaningful connections.


Campus-Wide Student Events

Immerse yourself in a dynamic calendar of campus events and activities designed to entertain, educate, and bring the student community together.


Student Council

Shape the university experience by participating in the Student Council, where your voice can make a difference in campus policies and initiatives.


New Student Orientation

Seamlessly transition into university life with our comprehensive orientation program. Get acquainted with campus resources, academic expectations, and fellow students.

intl students

International Students Onboarding

Our dedicated support for international students ensures a smooth arrival and integration process, offering assistance with housing, cultural adjustment, and more.


Student Conduct

We promote a respectful and safe campus environment. Our department oversees student conduct policies and fosters a culture of mutual respect and responsibility.

Meet the Student Engagement Team


Allison Furlong

Manager, Student Engagement

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Eman Al-Sharshani

Supervisor, Student Life


Bilan Biju

Student Life Specialist


Eilaf Adam

Student Development Specialist


Sara El-Amin

Student Communication Specialist

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Aisha Alyafei

Administrative Assistant

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Shweta Dey

Student Communication Specialist