Office of the Vice President, Academics


Office of the Vice President, Academics

Dr. Rachid Benlamri

Welcome to UDST, the national higher education institute of choice for applied technical education. We take great pride in our diverse stakeholder base, which includes various sectors such as government, industry, finance, health, and community. Our industry partners play an active role guiding curricula design, program delivery, and continuously enhancing our academic and experiential learning methods, thus providing our students with relevant up-to-date technical knowledge, skills and professional competencies for successful career in their disciplines.

At UDST, we build on our legacy being a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institute, and we provide a unique learning experience by integrating STEM elements into TVET, therefore exposing our students to various interdisciplinary opportunities to experience the learning of different concepts in a contextual manner. Our graduates not only earn academic degrees but also gain professional certifications in their areas of study, making them highly sought-after candidates both in Qatar and worldwide. Our undergraduate students actively engage in applied research, a collaborative effort between our faculty and industry stakeholders, which enhances the connection between teaching and research.

At UDST, our faculty and students enjoy state of the art teaching and research infrastructure, and are actively engaged in the implementation of the university applied research strategy, which is jointly crafted with our stakeholders to address their needs and challenges through technical consultancy and joint Research and Development (R&D) projects. Furthermore, innovation and entrepreneurship are at the heart of our mission. The UDST-DMZ Innovation Hub equips student with the essentials of entrepreneurial innovation to turn their ideas into business ventures, and promotes the development of startup companies and facilitates commercialization locally and internationally.

UDST strongly encourages international collaboration with academic partners and professional institutions, focusing on program development, applied research, and innovation. We believe that establishing connections with renowned academic institutions and professional bodies globally is crucial to ensuring that our students remain at the forefront of their fields.