Emiri Scholarship

Emiri Schoarship

About the Emiri Scholarship

University of Doha for Science and Technology has the privilege of receiving Emiri Scholarships which are awarded to eligible students residing in Qatar, and to international students from all over the world. The Emiri Scholarship- the most prestigious scholarship given by UDST- reflects the vision and continuous commitment of H.H. the Emir to promote and encourage excellence in education.

The purpose of the Emiri Scholarship at UDST is to enable exceptional students to pursue a degree in the applied fields of study offered by the University, to foster creativity and innovation in science and technology, and to experience Qatar’s diverse multicultural society.

Emiri Scholarship Benefits:

Tuition fees waiver for obtaining a bachelor’s degree
Health insurance
Monthly stipend
Textbook fees waiver
Accommodation and transportation
Coverage of visa processing fees (for international students)
Annual one round trip economy class ticket (for international students)

Eligibility Criteria

UDST is committed to alignment with the Qatar National Vision 2030 in terms of providing equal educational opportunities.

Students from Government, private and international schools within and outside Qatar are eligible to apply to the Scholarship program by providing the following:

  1. Academic Profile:
    • High school graduation certificate or equivalent approved by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with a minimum average of 90% or equivalent
    • Successful completion of final year Math, Science (Chemistry/Biology/Physics) and any other subject-specific entry requirements for the Program with a minimum score of 90% or equivalent.
    • The applicant should be a high school graduate in the same or previous year in which the scholarship application is made.
  2. Standardized Test Requirements: ​​​​
          Applicants are required to satisfy the minimum English and Mathematics test score requirements, as shown in Table below:


    Accepted Tests


    Minimum Score

    Validity (from the original test date)




    Overall band of 7.0 with no individual band score (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) below 6.5

    Two years 


    Evidence-Based Reading and Writing


    Three years



    95 (no score below 22)

    Two years





    Three years




    Three years

  3.  Extra-Curricular Achievements:
    • Activities undertaken outside the regular academic curriculum such as Certifications, Competitions, Olympiads, etc.
    • Student engagement achievements such as Awards, Leadership Roles (example: President of Student Council), outreach programs, etc.

Application process

Applications for the Emiri Scholarship are accepted through our online application process for both domestic and international applicants. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at: Scholarships@udst.edu.qa

The following information is required for the application.

  • Personal Information
  • Academic Background
  • University Details (Student ID#/Program applied to)
  • Personal Statement (1 page)

          The required documents for application will include:

  1. Copy of Qatari ID both sides (if applicable)
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Copy of High school graduation certificate or equivalent approved by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education
  4. Official Copy of either of the following standardized test scores for English and Math:
    • English Language Proficiency: SAT/IELTS/TOEFL
    • Mathematics: SAT/ACT/ Equivalent
  5. Professional Certification(s) (if any)
  6. Proof of Extra-curricular Achievement(s)
  7. Two Academic Reference Letters
  8. For International Students – Copy of High School transcript attested by the official authorities of the home country. 



Students within Qatar

International Students

Online Scholarship Application

Beginning of January - End of March

Beginning of January - End of February

Announcement of Scholarship decisions

End of April

End of March

Scholarship Award Maintenance Requirements

  1. Scholarship awards are reviewed at the end of each academic year to ensure that recipients have satisfied the Scholarship’s minimum maintenance criteria.
  2. In order to maintain their Scholarship, recipients must satisfy the minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), earned Credit requirements, and must not exceed the duration of award.
  3. Scholarship recipients must be continuously registered (in the Fall and Winter semesters) as full-time students until graduation, unless approved for a reduced Course load based on Course load reduction criteria detailed in the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Policy and Procedure.
  4. No gap in study and/or deferral of the Scholarship award is allowed without prior approval, subject to the criteria and procedures detailed in the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Policy and Procedure.
  5. Scholarship recipients are expected to adhere to UDST’s academic regulations, policies, and procedures.
Contact the Admissions Office for further questions or inquiries