Student Council


The UDST Student Council (SC) serves as the official link between the student body and university administration, faculty, and staff, providing a platform for students to express their ideas, suggestions, and needs. Consisting of an elected President, Vice-President and Student Representatives across all Colleges, these representatives are passionate about making a positive impact and serving as advocates for the entire student population.

UDST Student Council Officers 2023 – 2024

Mohammed Nasery

Student Council President

Farwah Fatima

Student Council Vice President

Fatima Elsabonabi

Representative College of Health Sciences

Judy Zarzour

Representative College of Engineering Technology

Maria Mushtaq

Representative College of Computing and Information Technology

Mohammad Al-Mohannadi

Representative College of Computing and Information Technology

Hasna Ashraf

Representative College of Business Management

Hira Zahid

Representative College of Business Management

Position Responsibilities

  • Serves as the chief spokesperson and representative of the Student Council.
  • ls responsible for communicating all Student Council related business, including ideas and concerns, and initiatives and recommendations approved by the Vice President, Student Affairs to the University leadership.
  • ls responsible for setting the agenda and chairing all Student Council meetings.
  • May be requested to serve on University councils and/or committees as appropriate and as stated within the relevant body's Terms of Reference.
  • Represents the Student Council in meetings/communication with student councils or equivalent bodies at other post-secondary institutions.
  • Meets regularly to update the Executive on Student Council matters.
  • Assists the Student Council President in the execution of his/her duties.
  • Exercises the powers of the Student Council President and acts on the Student Council President's behalf in his/her absence, or in the event that the office becomes vacant.
  • ls responsible for the internal operations of the Student Council including but not limited to ensuring Student Council meeting minutes are disseminated and approved, internal administrative reports, planning the Student Council Annual General Assembly, and scheduling Student Council meetings.
  • Serve as the direct liaison between the Student Council and the Deans and Chairs of each College.
  • Represent their College / Foundation Program on the Student Council and keep the Student Council apprised regarding all student events and activities within the College / Foundation Program.
  • Are active participants in College / Foundation Program functions and initiatives.
  • Convey information and maintain communication between the Student Council and students within their College / Foundation Program.
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How to get elected?
  • All candidates must be full-time undergraduate student at UDST.
  • All candidates must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA.
  • All candidates applying to all positions may be any nationality.
  • All candidates must NOT be on any academic, social or disciplinary probation to be eligible to run for elected office. In-office students are ineligible to maintain the position if found to be on probation.
  • Campaigning materials must be approved by Student Engagement before posting on social media.
  • Candidates must submit a picture to be included on the elections flyer to all students.

Next Application Cycle: Winter 2024

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