University Of Doha For Science And Technology Policies And Procedures Manual

UDST Policies and Procedures support and promote the University's Mission, ensure proper governance, define standards, foster institutional excellence, improve operational capability, and ensure institutional growth in a manner that is in compliant with applicable Qatar Vision 2030, laws and regulations and international best practices.

Institutional Excellence Directorate is the custodian for all University policies and procedures and responsible for updating and maintaining the policies web-page. If you have any questions concerning the policies or procedures, please contact the Institutional Excellence Directorate through 


Phone : 4495 2193




​Policies and Procedures References and Acknowledgements

  • List of references and resources that have been used in, and impacted, the development of the policies and procedures are available in the [References to the Published Policies and Procedures Manual] document.
  • References and resources listed were added post Board approval of the policies except for Academic Appraisal Policy, Academic Freedom Policy, Academic Members' Retention Policy, Credit Hour Policy, Intellectual Property Policy, and Student Conduct Policy.

General Considerations 

  • The policies, procedures, bylaws, regulations, and instructions (UDST Materials) published on the website are the property of the University of Doha for Science and Technology (University). You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, modify, create derivative works, transmit, store, or in any way exploit any part or all of the UDST Materials, except with the prior written permission of UDST, or - if a member of UDST staff - as is, and to the extent required for the performance of your duties and obligations for the benefit of the University only. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing herein grants you ownership rights to any part of the UDST Materials viewed through the Site.
  • Publication on the website does not guarantee that the versions published are up-to-date. The University's Board of Trustees, or President, as the case may be, may add, amend or repeal any policy, procedure or bylaw, and failure to timely post such changes to this website shall not be construed as a waiver of enforcement.
  • Arabic version of policies and their related procedures will be added later.