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Sola Bahous
Dr. Sola Aoun Bahous
Professor of Medicine and Dean Lebanese American University School of Medicine

Dr. Sola Aoun Bahous, a luminary in the medical arena, currently holds the prestigious positions of Professor of Medicine and Dean at the Lebanese American University School of Medicine in Lebanon.

Her academic trajectory is marked by a pursuit of excellence, having earned an MD degree from the esteemed Lebanese University followed by a PhD from Pierre and Marie-Curie University in France.

Dr. Bahous further fortified her expertise by obtaining a master’s degree in Health Professions Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago, showcasing her dedication to both clinical practice and medical education.

Beyond her academic roles, Dr. Bahous contributes her profound insights to various international initiatives, notably serving on the International Advisory Committee on Artificial Intelligence. This committee, a collaborative effort between prominent institutions including AAMC, AAHCI, AMEE, NUS, and IAMSE, underscores her influence and recognition within the global medical community. Renowned for her clinical proficiency and groundbreaking research, particularly in hypertension, hemodynamics, and arterial stiffness, Dr. Bahous continues to push the boundaries of medical knowledge while directly impacting patient care, thus improving outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for individuals worldwide.

Through her leadership, scholarship, and dedication to medical education, Dr. Bahous remains an inspiring figure shaping the landscape of modern medicine.

Lewis Chang
Mr. Lewis Chang
Head of Medical VR at HTC VIVE HTC VIVE, Head of Medical VR

Mr. Lewis Chang is the Head of Medical VR at HTC VIVE, a global leader in virtual reality. With a passion for leveraging technology to advance healthcare, he collaborates with top developers, clinical educators, and hospitals worldwide, spanning North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia. His journey began with a graduation from New York, after which he returned to Taiwan nine years ago to join HTC’s health and medical team. Armed with expertise in technology innovation, business management, clinical care, and hospital marketing from the State University of New York, he leads the development of medical AI and VR products. His contributions have earned him two prestigious personal medical innovation awards.

Notable among his achievements are the creation of groundbreaking products such as Taiwan’s first AI personalized care chatbot “Wan Xiaofang”, the cross-institutional AI+blockchain medical care chatbot “Dr. Lan”, and the CDC’s “Disease Control Chatbot”.

Mr. Chang is dedicated to constructing a comprehensive health precision medicine metaverse ecosystem, encompassing various aspects of healthcare from human anatomy teaching to pharmaceutical research. Through his tireless efforts, he aims to enhance medical education, clinical care, and ultimately improve the quality of life for individuals worldwide.