International Conference on in silico Trends and Approaches in Drug Discovery and Development

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This international conference is a forum for researchers, academia, students, and industry to explore new ideas, techniques and tools with specific focus on “In-silico pharmacology and drug development: trends in research and education”.

This conference aims to achieve the following goals and objectives:

  1. To demonstrate the state-of-the-art computational techniques used to investigate protein-ligand interactions.
  2. To compile advances in the in-silico approaches related to drug delivery systems.
  3. To explore GastroPlus®, the physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling program used to predict pharmacokinetics in different patient populations.
  4. To implement these advances in the translational research protocols in Qatar, to support research in cancer, diabetes, infectious disease, and genetic disease.
  5. To explore the assimilation of artificial intelligence in drug discovery as well as science education.
  6. To integrate computational approaches to different pharmacy education programs, as well as other related biomedical education programs.
  7. To inspire and encourage handicapped students and researchers.