Alumni Services


Update Contact Info

To update the alumni contact information send an email to  requesting an update of contact information.

The Admissions and Registration Department provides a number of different documents for graduates for a variety of purposes. These documents and their descriptions are noted in the below table. Students must make a formal request for any one of these documents at the Admissions and Registration Department and should expect a 2-5 day turnaround, based on the type of document requested.

Type of Letter Description Availability of the Letter
Graduation Letter A letter issued to graduating students and alumni that indicates student details, academic program graduated, GPA, language of instruction, and year of graduation. 3 working days
Official Transcript  An official document that includes details of the student’s academic record since the first day of enrollment at the College.  3 working days
Diploma/Degree Attested Copy A copy of the diploma/degree that is stamped and verified to be an identical copy of the original. 3 working days
Parchment Replacement A replacement of parchment issued upon a graduate’s verification that the original parchment has been lost, stolen, or destroyed. 3 working days
Course Outline A document that includes a detailed description of the course undertaken by the graduate at the college during the period of study. Course outlines should be sent by email directly from the College to the educational institution(s) requesting the course outlines. 3 working days


Request Letters & Records & Request Transcript

Alumni who wish to submit a request to get an information about their studies, program, records, official transcript, graduation documents, authentications, and other services can do the following.

All fields that the user must fill in for the Request Letters & Records 
All alumni are able to login to their account. The following services can be submitted / processed online 


    Graduation Services:

    Students can apply for graduation letter / Parchment replacement/ Parchment authentication through the following services: 

    1. Requesting the action online through e-form service
    2. Send an email to   


    How To submit an e-Form

    • Login to My UDST using your alumni account.
    • Click on STUDENT EFORMS.
    • Select Requested Letters, Records or Transcript from the dropdown list.
    • Complete all required fields and Submit.

    Request Letters & Records

    Alumni who wish to submit a request but not in the above-mentioned navigation/guides should follow the below information. 

    IT Services

    Alumni Email for life is available to all graduates of UDST and provides a lifelong email address. 

    Your alumni email account will have a default address in the following format .

    If you have any difficulty logging in, please contact the IT helpdesk via email or call 4495 2470

    For more information about or assistance with UDST alumni email accounts, please contact the Alumni Specialist .