Consulting Services

UDST provides a variety of consulting services catering to businesses, industries, government bodies, and non-profit organizations that are interested in independent expertise.

Our consultants, drawn from UDST's five Colleges, are renowned for their research that directly applies to various real-world contexts. Working closely with clients, our consultants offer academic insights that assist organizations in problem-solving and improving their operational capacities. Additionally, our newly inaugurated Central Analysis Lab, provides an array of testing solutions, including chromatography, elemental and molecular spectroscopy, and materials testing for construction. Tailored analysis requests are accommodated, adhering to rigorous protocols and international standards like ASTM, ISO, and EPA.

Our academic professionals specialize in both conventional and specialized domains, including (but not limited to) :

  • - Oil & Gas
  • - Engineering Technology
  • - Strategic Management
  • - Operations Management
  • - Process Improvement
  • - Financial Advisory
  • - Human Resources
  • - Information Technology
  • - Health Services and Management

What are the advantages of utilizing our consulting services?

Engaging with us offers access to cutting-edge research, impartial and unbiased analysis, and opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration. Our adept team of project managers can link your organization with the appropriate expertise and services from all UDST faculties and academic departments.

As the First National Applied University offering applied Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees in addition to certificates and diplomas in various fields, our consultants combine academic credentials and intellectual rigor with hands-on experience and real-world insights. Each consultant is a leader in their respective fields, actively involved in ongoing research and at the forefront of professional practice.

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