Institutional Excellence (IE)

Comprehensive Challenge Examinations
  • Undertake institutional research to support decision makers in their strategic decisions through research insights and data.
  • Undertake institutional effectiveness and institutional accreditation activities and facilitate the implementation of recommendations within UDST Business Units.
  • Prepare institutional effectiveness and performance reports to UDST leadership and management, as appropriate.
  • Guide the development of UDST strategic plans and, monitor and report on the execution of strategic objectives and initiatives, in coordination with UDST Business Units.
  • Develop Quality Assurance Frameworks and Plans, in coordination with UDST Business Units.
  • Establish and disseminate a culture of institutional quality management and excellence throughout the UDST community.
  • Develop Risk Management Frameworks and Plans while ensuring alignment with UDST risk appetite and regulatory requirements.
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Institutional Excellence (IE) provides integrated strategic planning, institutional research, and institutional quality assurance, to ensure evidence-based decision making, sound and outcomes-focused strategic and operational planning, and institutional assessment for continuous improvement. With a primary aim of empowering UDST to achieve its vision, mission and goals, IE is composed of:

  • Strategic Planning and Performance
    •  Supports the President in the development of UDST’s overall strategy.
    • Facilitates the translation of strategic objectives into an integrated annual operational business plan in coordination with UDST’s academic and administrative leadership.
    •  Performs research, statistical analysis, benchmarking, and reporting for decision makers in support of evidence-based strategic planning.
    •  Guides the implementation of strategy and monitor the execution of strategic initiatives.
    • Prepares institutional performance reports to UDST leadership and management.
    •  Reviews and recommends overall risk management strategies to mitigate any potential adverse events that can impact UDST in any capacity.\
    • Produces and updates the Risk Management Framework to enable business units to manage their risks and support effective decision making and prioritization.
    •  Facilitates continuous improvements of risk identification and reporting across UDST.
  • Institutional Research
    • Leads and manages all efforts on institutional research which focus on managing data collection, research, analysis and reporting of information to support UDST in various strategic planning, and decision-making aspects.
    • Conducts survey research to inform on student and employee behavior.
    • Conducts surveys across students, faculty, and employers to assess the impact of teaching and learning at UDST and work in close coordination with colleges.
    • Leads gathering of data on students, faculty, educational programs, and administrative and support services to provide accurate information to support planning and decision-making activities within UDST.
    • Analyzes quantitative and qualitative data from UDST business units in a timely, effective and efficient manner.
    • Collects, uses, and disseminates data to improve student success measures including retention, persistence, graduation, transfer.
    • Researches into Labor Market Analyses in support of new and existing academic programs.
    • Acts as a focal point in providing in-depth reporting on institutional activities to external stakeholders.
    • Supports business units’ initiatives with timely and relevant data and research.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Designs and oversees the implementation of UDST’s Quality Assurance activities to ensure all business units processes, and procedures adhere to UDST bylaws and standards.
    • Reviews and recommends UDST bylaws, processes and procedures.
    • Undertakes institutional accreditation and certifications activities including developing institutional processes, procedures and supporting documents.
    • Leads the institutional effectiveness assessment activities for UDST, including developing institutional processes, procedures and supporting documents.

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