IELTS Trial Test

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering free IELTS Trial Tests!

Taking the IELTS Trial Test helps familiarise yourself with taking the test under test conditions, and can also help identify where to improve.

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IELTS measures the ability to communicate in English across all four language skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking). UDST is an approved venue for IELTS tests, which are recognised at over 10,000 institutions worldwide.

Whether you're taking the IELTS for work, university or migration, we are here to help you achieve your goals!


UDST Offers Different Types of IELTS





Academic IELTS is for those who want to study at a higher education institution where English is the main language of instruction.


General Training

General Training IELTS is for work experience, to take training programs, or migrate to an English-speaking country.

Taking Paper-based IELTS at UDST:

  • Online reservation for up to 48 hours
  • In-person payment with a bank card
  • Small test rooms with a maximum of 30 candidates
  • Good quality sound system for the listening test (no headphones)
  • All writing utensils and water supplied by UDST 
  • All parts of the test are done on the same day
  • On site cafeteria open
  • Results available within 13 days by SMS


Taking IELTS on Computer at UDST:

  • Online reservation for up to 48 hours
  • In-person payment with a bank card
  • Small test rooms with a maximum of 25 candidates
  • Individual headphones provided for the listening test
  • All writing utensils and water supplied by UDST
  • All parts of the test are done on the same day
  • On site cafeteria open
  • Results available within 5 days by SMS

More Information about IELTS at UDST

Go through these tabs for more information regarding registering for the IELTS, making any payments and getting your results.

There are two ways to register for an IELTS at UDST: online and in person.

To find a test date and register online, go to IELTS Online Registration

To Register in Person:

Visit the UDST Testing Centre in person. We are located on the 2nd floor of Building 3. If you need instructions on how to get there, visit this link: How to get to UDST?  

To register for IELTS, you will need:

  • Qatari Nationals: An original valid passport OR an original valid Qatari National ID
  • Non-Qatari Nationals: An original valid passport only
  • Photocopies, photos, expired or cancelled passports are not accepted
  • On the Test Day, you must bring the same identification document (passport or QID) that you used to register

Office Hours for Registration:
Sunday-Thursday 7:30 am – 2:30 pm.
Testing Centre, University Of Doha For Science and Technology, Building 3, 2nd Floor.

For Data Protection:

Please click here for information on how IELTS and Cambridge use and store personal data collected during registration. It is important that your privacy and personal data are protected. If you have any questions about such matters, you can contact .

Book Online Now

Paper-Based IELTS (Academic or General Training) 1080 QAR
IELTS on Computer (Academic or General Training) 1290 QAR

Refund / Cancellation / Transfer – more than 5 weeks before test day


Refund / Cancellation / Transfer – less than 5 weeks before test day

5 weeks before a test day to 5 days after a test day. A refund/ cancellation/transfer is only allowed in exceptional cases. Contact for more information.

300 QAR

Additional Test Report Form Courier Fee

UDST IELTS Centre uses DHL to send TRFs internationally.

Inside Qatar – FREE
Outside Qatar– 100 QAR

Enquiry on Results (EOR)
To have any part of your results re-marked, submit the EOR request form no later than 6 weeks after the test date.

450 QAR
One Skill Retake (OSR)
To retake one of the four skills, must be taken within 60 days of the original test date.
845 QAR


IELTS Registration opens at 7.30 a.m. at the Testing Centre Registration Desk. Please refer to the Confirmation email you receive before the test day.

Anyone arriving after 8.45 a.m. will not be able to take the test. No transfers or refunds will be allowed for late arrivals.

ID Document

On test day, you must bring the same photo ID that you registered with. If you bring a copy of the photo ID, you will not be allowed to take the test. If your photo ID has expired, you will not be allowed to take the test.

If you give your passport to an embassy for a visa, ensure you will receive your passport in time for the test.  

No transfers or refunds will be allowed for incorrect photo ID issues.  

What to Bring for the Test

  • You are only allowed to bring your photo ID into the test room.
  • UDST provides pencils/pens, erasers and water.
  • Please do not bring any valuable items (watches, sunglasses etc.)
  • Avoid clothing with writing on it.

Speaking Test

The speaking test is usually on the same day as the other parts of the test; however in exceptional cases, it might be up to 7 days before or 2 days after the other parts of the test (speaking arrangements subject to the Testing Centre's decision).

You will receive an email and SMS with details of your test (including speaking time) in the week before your test date.

Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled speaking time.

Bring the same photo ID for all parts of your IELTS test

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For paper-based IELTS, results are available 13 days after the test. For IELTS on Computer, results are available within 5 days of the test. You can check your results online here. 

Provisional results are sent by SMS to candidates who click the "receive results by SMS" box when you book your IELTS. The UDST Testing Centre cannot guarantee that Ooredoo, Vodafone or any other mobile service provider can deliver the SMS to you. Please note, we cannot send an SMS to a non-Qatari mobile number.

Official results are issued on a Test Report Form (TRF), which you must pick up from the UDST Testing Centre in person. You receive one copy for yourself. You can request multiple copies to be sent to recognising organisations (e.g. universities and colleges).

There is no pass or fail in IELTS. Scores are graded on the 9-bad system. Each educational institution or organisation sets its own minimum IELTS scores to meet its individual requirements. 

If you are taking the test for University entry, you might require a specific Overall Band Score, with specific Band Score requirements for each of the four sections.

If you are taking the test to migrate to another country, you might not require a specific Overall or section Band Score, but the higher you score, the stronger your migration application might be.

In all cases, we advise you to check with your prospective university, company, agency, government or embassy. For a full list of Recognising Organisations that accept IELTS, please click here.

We will send copies of your TRF to requested institutions if you submit the 'Application for the Issue of Additional TRFs' form with the appropriate fees (where applicable).

IELTS policy stipulates that candidates receive only one copy of the Test Report Form. No exceptions.

Yes. You need to complete an Authorisation Form. The person picking up your results must bring the completed Authorization Form, your original photo ID used on test day, and the person’s own original ID.

You may apply for an Enquiry on Results (EOR) within six weeks of the test date.  Please complete the IELTS Enquiry on Results form and pay the fee. The fee will be refunded if there is any change to your score.


Alternately, if you want to improve your score in just one of the four skills, you can choose to re-take just one skill, by applying for a One Skill Retake (OSR). More information about OSR can be found in the section below.


Please note that if you would like to apply for both an OSR and an EOR, you must apply for the EOR within two weeks of the test date.

At UDST, we follow the internationally-standardised Rescheduling and Cancellation policies as laid out by IDP.

For more information about these policies, please click here.


IELTS is committed to providing the highest standard of customer service for every test taker. We want to hear from you if you feel we haven’t met your needs. All feedback and complaints are taken seriously and help us to improve our products, services, and your experience.


For more information about IELTS Complaints, please click here.

One Skill Retake

IELTS One Skill Retake (OSR) is a new option for IELTS Candidates to improve their score by re-taking any one skill (Listening, Reading, Writing or Speaking). Previously, if you wanted to improve your scores, you would have to take a whole new IELTS Test; now, with OSR, you only need to take the skill that you want to improve.

You can take the IELTS OSR if:

  • You have completed a full IELTS On Computer (IOC) test, at a centre that offers OSR
  • You take the OSR within 60 days of your full IELTS Test

If you meet the criteria above, you can register for your OSR in two simple steps:

  1. Log in to your account on Bx (click here), select your completed Test and the One Skill you want to retake
  2. Come in to the Test Centre to make payment

The price for any OSR is 845 QAR. This is the same for each of the four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing or Speaking.

If you want to submit an Enquiry On Results (EOR) against your original full IELTS test, you must do so within two weeks of the date of the original full IELTS test date for Listening, Reading and Writing, and wait until you receive your remark status before registering for an OSR for the same full IELTS test.

Your OSR results will show up in just the same way that your regular IOC results will show up. You will receive a new Test Report Form (TRF), that includes your OSR result, as well as the other results from the original test that you took.

We advise that you check with the relevant organisation before booking your OSR. For a list of institutions that accept OSR, please click here.

Prepare for the IELTS

If you haven't taken an IELTS before or would like to improve your score, the following information will help you. 

IELTS Practice Test
IELTS Website
Online Classes & Webinars
Ilets cover

IELTS preparation courses at UDST!
Please contact the Continuing Professional Education department at for more information.

Phone: 44952111-33042840

Ilets cover

IELTS Progress Check is an official IELTS practice test online from

After you complete the test, you will receive a Feedback Report and a score from a qualified IELTS expert within 5 business days.

IELTS Progress Check covers all four sections; Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking for either the Academic or General Training IELTS test.

Ilets cover

The IELTS website has free practice test materials to help you prepare for the Listening, Reading and Writing parts of the IELTS test.

There are also videos to give you some tips for the Speaking test.

Ilets cover

IELTS in the Middle East offers online classes and webinars to help you prepare for each part of the test. Please click to register for these classes.

Forms to print:

Ilets cover

Student Information Booklet

IELTS page resource

Enquiry on Results Form

IELTS page resource

Additional Test Report Form

IELTS page resource

Request for Refund/Transfer Form


Contact Us

Phone Numbers

  • 974 4495 2495 – English / Arabic
  • 974 4495 2254 – English / Arabic
  • 974 4495 2785 – English 


[email protected]


Testing Center Office Hours

ielts student
  • Sundays-Thursday: 7.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.
  • Fridays: Closed
  • Saturdays: Closed for public – Open for test takers only


National Holidays:

The Testing Centre is closed on National Day (December 18th) and Sports Day (2nd Tuesday of February).


Eid Holidays: 

The Testing Centre is closed during the announced public holiday period during Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. UDST campus will be closed - there will be no tests during this period and results will not be available for collection.