Dynamic Futures Qatar (DFQ) Scholarship is a Scholarship offered by the Education Above All Foundation, through its Al Fakhoora program, for expatriate youth living in Qatar who are about to start their study at the University.

Who Is It For?

This scholarship is for applicants who are/have met the following criteria:

  • Secured admission and about to start their study in one of the credit programs at the College 
  • Legal residents of Qatar
  • Aged between 17- 25 years old
  • Not receiving other educational support
  • Studied in Qatar for at least eight years
  • Pursuing a degree aligned with the country's future market needs (Foundation Program is currently not included in the accepted programs for this scholarship)
  • Family’s total income does not exceed EAA threshold.
  • Orphans or special needs applicants are given additional consideration

The Process


  1. The Admission and Registration Department will announce the opening of applications for the scholarship for eligible applicants during the Fall semester.

  2. All applicants must apply for DFQ directly to the College’s Admissions and Registration Department.
  3. To ensure a fair and rigorous selection criteria, applicants are requested to submit relevant documentation to prove household income and expenses.
  4. The Admission and Registrations Department will provide all eligible applicants with the required documents’ checklist as listed below.
  5. A financial analysis is conducted for each applicant, followed by EAA student selection assessments.

Applicants who pass the assessments will be contacted by the University.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Legal resident of Qatar (i.e. holds a valid residency permit).
  • The applicant not receiving other education support
  • Have studied in Qatar at least 8 years (verifiable through education transcripts)
  • Applicant aged between 17 and 25
  • Be pursuing a degree aligned with the country’s future market needs
  • Demonstrate Civic Leadership potential (as per EAA/Al Fakhoora’s Selection for Success model)
  • In need of financial assistance to cover education expenses.
  • Salary Cap for Poverty Scorecard: A salary cap of 12,000 QAR per family will be applied

Contact Us

For inquiries please contact the Admissions and Registration Directorate at: Scholarships@udst.edu.qa