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Request Letters and Records

As a UDST student, you may need certain letters or official documentation related to your student record and financial matters. Our comprehensive range of services includes requests for Diploma/Certificates, graduation letters, student name change, and much more. Use these services to ensure your records are always accurate and up to date.

Student Central Services

 Student Central Services is a hub dedicated to assisting and empowering students as they navigate their academic and professional journeys. Its services include academic advising and support, peer torturing, career services, and many more workshops and programs that are designed to guide and support your success at UDST. 

Student Systems

UDST has a wide range of IT systems and applications designed to streamline and enhance your academic and personal tasks. Discover more about essential platforms like D2L, email, and how to submit facilities requests.


Student Handbook

This is a comprehensive document containing UDST policies and important information for new and returning students, such as details about internet access, available student services, Student rights, responsibilities, and much more.

Important Policies


What is harassment? 

Harassment means to be aggressive towards others or to frighten, disturb or bother others. At UDST we believe everyone has the right to go through their day free from any kind of harassment. 

The University has a policy to protect you called the UDST Harassment Policy and Procedure. This policy assures all employees, students, guests, vendors and clients the right to work, study and enjoy related activities harassment-free. This applies across all University-owned or operated property and facilities. 

In other words, there is no place for harassment anywhere on the UDST campus. 

The policy language below may be difficult for you to understand. But if your feelings tell you that you are being or have been harassed, come and talk to us in private. You can see the student counsellor or come to Student Affairs in Building 6. 

The UDST Harassment Policy explains that harassment includes any of the following: 

Sexual Harassment 

This includes sexual comments, gestures or physical contact that the individual knows, or should reasonably know, to be unwelcome, unacceptable or offensive. Sexual harassment is not wanted, one-sided and/or hurtful. 

Discriminatory Harassment 

Based on race, religion, religious creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, political opinion, colour, or ethnic national or social origin that is directed at, is offensive to, undermines performance, and/or threatens an individual’s economic livelihood. 

Personal Harassment 

Occurs when an individual uses his/her authority or position to undermine, sabotage or otherwise adversely affect the career or program of another person. It includes, but is not limited to, repeated offensive comments and/ or actions that demean and belittle an individual and/or cause personal humiliation. It may also include threatening to hurt others, trying to get money from others, forcing others to do something they do not want to do, and/or the filing of unproven and/or hurtful claims of wrongdoing.



Sponsorship Opportunities

If you have a career goal and wish to be a sponsored student studying at UDST, you are encouraged to contact the Human Resource Departments and Training Centers in all sectors (government, industry and private sector), or you can ask the sponsorship team. Create your own opportunity to become a highly skilled professional, ready to assume a profession in the Qatari workforce.


Office: 4495 2650 

Academic Awards

UDST offers opportunities to students to receive a number of academic awards. The academic awards do not require an application and are determined based on academic performance in terms of students’ weighted averages. Some academic awards are determined based on academic performance coupled with other specific criteria such as contribution to university life, faculty recommendation, etc. Full information about academic awards is available at the Admissions & Registration Directorate. 

Student Spotlight

Hamad Lari

Hamad Mohammed Lari

Chemical Processing Engineering Tec

I chose UDST because I knew my time would be well spent. I learned new things every day from my instructors. UDST has the best workshops and equipment to properly teach and develop students.”

AlWaleed Basheer Oqailan

AlWaleed Basheer Oqailan

From KSA

UDST is one of the most technologically advanced universities in the region. Studying here gives me the chance to familiarize myself with innovative technology and be ready for the workplace.

Shaimaa Ali-Kuwait

Shaimaa Ali

From Al - Kuwait

After I had moved with my husband to Qatar, I was looking for an educational path that meets my ambition. I wanted a top-notch applied learning experience and UDST was the right place to go!

Shaikha Nasser AlHarthy – Oman

Shaikha Nasser AlHarthy

From Oman

Life on campus is very dynamic and all students are fully supported through many services offered by UDST. We are living an international experience in a local setting.