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The mission of the Alumni Association is to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive alumni community. We are committed to providing leadership opportunities that promote and nurture a strong, proud and engaged community of lifelong relationships.  


  • Promotes alumni personal and professional growth.
  • Connects alumni with each other and their University.
  • Inspires the alumni community, fostering positive change.

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Alumni Services


Alumni Services

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As a UDST Graduate, you can take advantage of a whole range of benefits and offers that are exclusive to you. Explore the many benefits and services we offer from campus privileges to special discounts and offers

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We are pleased to announce that corporate partnerships have been established with many hotels, restaurants and retail shops in Doha.
Dr. Salem Al-Naemi
A Message from the President!

Dr. Salem Al-Naemi
President, University of Doha for Science and Technology

For years, University of Doha for Science and Technology has been dedicated to ensuring its graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills that will propel them to successful careers across Qatar and the Globe. We have seen so many of you excel in your fields and reach new heights, which instils a sense of pride in the UDST community. Your contribution to the development and growth of our Nation on a local and international level is a leading example of what the right education can do..

Alumni Benefits and Services

As a UDST Graduate, you can take advantage of a whole range of benefits and offers that are exclusive to you. Explore the many benefits and services we offer from campus privileges to special discounts and offers.

Alumni Testimonials


"University of Doha for Science and Technology is a place that provides opportunities to grow professionally and personally in every way to be successful. During my 3-year journey at UDST, the hands-on learning experience along with lectures provided by the highly qualified instructors equipped me with excellent technical skills that i became Chemical Engineering Lab Assistant at UDST as a student and also got the apprenticeship opportunity at QAPCO after I graduate. Moreover, the co-curricular activities, workshops and trainings provided made the overall experience fun while equipping us with essential skills required to excel in our career."

Sumia Manzoor 
Engineering Technology - Class of 2021

"University of Doha for Science and Technology was one of the best experiences I have had in my life, and I’m very proud to become one of the graduates. I spent 3 years at  UDST.  Being occupational health, safety, and environment graduate helped me pursue my career, and become more confident. I'm so beyond grateful for our supportive instructors and for the knowledge I have gained. There is no other occupational health, safety, and environment program that offers extensive education and practical training based on the health, and safety field better than UDST. Our Instructors offered me endless support, I highly recommend other students to join the University, it will help them pursue better careers as well."

Abir Hassan - Class of 2021

“UDST taught me so much more than the curriculum. Through my university journey I gained many skills and knowledge that I would not have gained elsewhere. I am grateful for the big role UDST played in shaping who I am. “

Sara Al-Sulaiti - Class of 2020
Mohammed Al Zubeir

"I highly recommend UDST for anyone pursuing their diploma/degree. Studying here has been a life-changing experience, and it has contributed immensely to my professional and personal goals. UDST has a vibrant campus life with outstanding facilities and amazing professors who provide exceptional support."

Mohammed Zameel Zubair 
Information Systems – Software - Class of 2016

"Having chosen Medical Radiography as a field in Health Science, I have immensely learned a lot during my 3-year study period at UDST not just on campus, but during my internship as well!
I strongly believe that behind every successful graduate, there is a mentor who made the learning experience fun and memorable.

The University itself speaks volumes about leadership and would open new doors to endless opportunities.
I would highly encourage students to participate in various extra-curricular activities as it will hone their networking skills and prepare them for life beyond college.
All that being said, I am honored to be a part of UDST alumni."

Haina Uddin 
Engineering Technology - Class of 2017
Zainab Al Zubeir

“To study at UDST for Information Systems – Software was the best decision I took. The amazing student clubs, recreations, facilities, and student lounges helped me to maintain an intellectual balance between academics and other activities. I was also a winner of the Business Gateway 2021 which helped my dream to become an entrepreneur true. I was also a student assistant and club leader which helped to grow my professional and leadership skills. The instructors are my mentors. Thanks to UDST for shaping my personality and making me who I am today.” 

Zainab Zubair Malol
Information Systems - Software Class of 2021 

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