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Student Central Services

Student Central Services is the hub of administrative support and resources for students at UDST. At Student Central Services, we provide a comprehensive range of services to cater to the unique needs of our student community. Whether you are a new student just beginning your academic journey or a seasoned student seeking assistance, our knowledgeable staff is committed to providing you exceptional comprehensive services and support to enhance the full student experience within an applied, technical, and vocational education.

​All as a one-stop shop. Student Central Services aims to foster well-rounded students that are academically successful, employable, and global citizens. We take pride in our commitment to student success, and our goal is to empower you to achieve your academic and personal goals. No matter the challenge you may be facing, our dedicated team at Student Central Services is here to provide you with the guidance, support, and resources you need to thrive during your time at our university. Visit us at our convenient location on campus or reach out to us through our website or phone, and let Student Central Services be your reliable partner on your journey towards success.


Academic Advising

UDST's Academic Advising Unit offers personalized guidance for academic success, assisting with program selection, course registration, and career development opportunities to empower students and foster their achievements and more.

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Academic Learning Services

UDST offers Academic Learning Support through Academic Help Centres, Peer Tutoring, Learning and Study Skills Workshops, and Academic Coaching, enhancing students' performance with skill development, collaborative learning, and personalized support for success skills and progress planning.

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Career Services

UDST's Career Service Center supports students' career development through services like career support, resume assistance, workshops, job interviews, employment services, job placement, and guidance on job search and employability skills addressing workforce needs in Qatar.

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First Year Student Experience

The First Year Student Experience at UDST offers a Mentorship Program and Study Buddy Program to support new students. These initiatives provide guidance, peer support, and valuable resources for a successful transition into university life.


Student Central Services Team


Angela Flowerday

Manager of Student Central Services| Office: 3.1.10A | Phone: 44952190


Trisha Lamers

Head of Academic Advising | Office: 3.1.10 | Phone: 44952424


Christine Mendes

Head of Academic Learning Services | Office: 3.1.06B | Phone: 44952425


Ayah Antepli

Academic Learning Support Specialist | Office: 3.1.08 | Phone: 44952579


Khalid Daloul

Career Services Senior Specialist | Office: 3.1.09 | Phone: 44952877


Fatima AlNaimi

Career Services Senior Specialist | Office: 3.1.08 | Phone: 44952752

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