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Campus Map

Familiarize yourself with UDST gates, facilities, buildings, and more by exploring the campus map.

Campus Map 2024
00 Obelisk
01 Auditorium & Lecture Theatres
02 VIP Lounge
03 Administrative Affairs
05 College of General Education
06 Student Engagement Department & Campus Clinic
07 Faculty Offices
08 College of Engineering and Technology
09 College of Engineering and Technology
10 College of Computing and Information Technology
11 Faculty Offices
12 College of Business
13 Student Central Services, Food Court & Male Gymnasium
14 Library 
15 Central Plant
16 Facilities Management, Procurement Directorate and Student Club
17 Female Recreation Centre
18 Male Recreation Centre
19 College of Health Science
20 College of Health Science
22 Multipurpose Hall
33 Professional Skills Center
E1 Courtyard, Central Cafe
E5 Tennis Courts
E6 Sports Field
E17 Event Park
E18 Cricket Field
E19 Practice Cages (1 to 3)
E20 Paddle Courts (1 to 3)
E21 Beach Volleyball Court

E2 to E4

E7 to E16

A1 - A21 Ancillary Buildings
A22 Bleacher
A23 Campus Corner
A24 Metro-link Bus Hub


C1 Parking for Buildings 1,2 and 3
C2 Parking for Buildings 10,11 and 12
C3 Parking for Buildings 19 and 20
C4 Parking for Buildings 16,17 and 18
C5 Parking for Buildings 8,9 and 14
C6 Parking for Buildings 5,6 and 7
C7 Executive and Reserved Parking
C8 Reserved Parking, Pick-up & Drop-off
C9 Employee Parking
C10 Parking for Event Park & Building 22
C11 Parking for Training Center
C12 Parking for Building 33


G1 Entry/Exit Gate (Northwest)
G2 Entry Gate (Southwest)
G3 Entry Gate (Southeast)
G4 Exit Gate
G5 Service Gate (Emergency Exit)
G6 Entry/Exit Gate (Service Access)