Academic Awards


At UDST there are many opportunities for students to receive academic awards based on their academic achievement. Many of these are presented at our annual Academic Awards Ceremony which is held in the Fall semester for recipients from the previous academic year.

Academic Awards the University offers are:

List of Awards / Award Criteria

Scholarships and awards administered by the University are decided upon the recommendations of the Awards Committee.

Most scholarships and awards are awarded based on a calculated weighted average, while some are awarded based on nomination or application. Unless otherwise stated, applications are not required in order to be considered for scholarships, awards, or prizes.
If an application is required, it will be communicated to students, and application forms will be available at the Admissions & Registration Department.

To be eligible for an academic award, a student must be registered as a fulltime student in a recognized university program.  There are different eligibility criteria for each scholarship and award. Full information about the eligibility criteria for each scholarship and award is available at the Admissions & Registration Department.

No scholarship or award will be given to a candidate who holds an award of equal or greater value, unless specifically required by the terms of the award. Certain conditions apply.

Academic awards and scholarships administered by the College will be recorded on the recipient’s academic transcript.


For scholarships and awards based on weighted average, a minimum of 75% weighted average applies.

A student’s weighted average can be defined as the sum of a course grade multiplied by the course value (credit), divided by the sum of the course values (all credits).


Weighted average can be calculated as follows:

  1. Take the final grades achieved in all courses and multiply them by the credit values for each particular course. For example:
  • Course grade of 80% multiplied by credit value of 4 equals 320
  • Course grade of 70% multiplied by credit value of 3 equals 210
  • Course grade of 60% multiplied by credit value of 2 equals 120
  1. Calculate the sum of course grades and course credit values.  For example:

The sum of course grades is 320+210+120=650.

The sum of the course credit values is 4+3+2=9.

  1. Divide the sum of course grades by the total number of credits.

For example, 650÷9=72.22.

Courses that are not included in the requirements for graduation will not be included in the calculation of the weighted average. 

Students must have attained a passing grade in ALL courses being considered in establishing weighted average.

When a course is repeated, the highest mark attained will be used in the calculation of the GPA.

When students complete more than the minimum number of electives, they are able to select which electives will be used in the calculation of the GPA by making an application at the Admissions & Registration Department.  Without such application, the Manager, Admissions & Registration will select for calculation purposes the required number of electives.
Disclaimer:  The academic awards listed in this section are subject to change.

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