Admissions Information

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Admissions Regulations

It is the policy of University of Doha for Science and Technology to maintain and adhere to the State of Qatar admission requirements. Students are admitted based on the condition that they meet the minimum educational qualifications prescribed.

Qualified applicants will be prioritized according to the following categories:

  • Category A: Qatari Applicants
  • Category B: Holders of Qatari Travel Documents.
  • Category C: Applicants born to Qatari mothers living in Qatar.
  • Category D: Children of Diplomats.
  • Category E: Children of UDST Employees.
  • Category F: Applicants born in Qatar.
  • Category G: Residents of Qatar.
  • Category H: International Students.

Accessibility and Accommodations Services

Applicants requiring additional educational supports will be individually assessed to determine admissibility.

The assessment will include:

  • Reviewing the applicant’s qualifications
  • Reviewing the recommendation of the sponsoring or supporting group (if applicable)
  • Summarizing the applicant’s strengths and abilities
  • Determining the need for support staff required to facilitate the integration of the applicant
  • Identifying necessary resources/equipment required to facilitate the training

There is no guarantee that admission will be offered to students requiring additional educational supports, unless  UDST is able to support the students.

UDST requires that applicants disclose their disability at the point of application, on the application form.

UDST Admission

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