Applied and Experiential Learning


About Applied and Experiential Learning

The Department of Applied and Experiential Learning supports teaching and learning through the integration of Evidence Informed, Technology Enhanced, and Innovative Pedagogy.


Vision Statement

To promote and support a shared vision and language for applied and experiential teaching and learning at the University of Doha for Science and Technology.

What We Do


Innovative Pedagogy

Create and support a space for faculty members to engage in innovative ways.

Our Organizational Structure

Technology Enhanced

Work with faculty members and schools to support applied and experiential learning.

Our Vision

Evidence Informed

Ensure that we are aware of and integrating the lessons learned from our communities.

How We Do It

The Department of Applied and Experiential Learning (DAEL) is committed to providing proactive and responsive service to the teaching and learning community at UDST. We work with faculty members in a variety of ways intended to meet faculty member needs wherever and whatever they are.

Our Team

Faculty Testimonials


"Thank you for facilitating PIT sessions over the past few weeks. I must admit that I already miss our supportive PIT community and it has been only a week since we last held our last session. It was good to meet real souls after several weeks communicating with "virtual" silhouettes during these unprecedented times of the pandemic that shifted the teaching and learning landscapes.

PIT sessions were timely to grant new faculty members the aspired support, confidence, and reassurance to achieve their duties and teaching assignments. I really now feel a strong sense of ownership and belonging to UDST and its constituents. Thank you AEL team for facilitating and organizing the new faculty induction workshop."

Ridha Ben - Rejeb
Communications Instructor - College of General Education

"As we transitioned online last year, I attended several of the Teaching Online workshops offered by the AEL to learn the innovative teaching pedagogies. In September, the PIT (Perspectives in Teaching) sessions by the AEL team gave a break to reflect, learn and implement strategies for effective teaching amidst our tight schedules. 

I had a pleasant surprise at the end of my last semester when my students requested me to come to Zoom meeting to talk to me for one last time this semester. It was quite strange and when I started the Zoom Meeting, they opened their cameras with cards having ‘Thank you notes’ and screamed ‘We love you miss.’ This is the greatest reward for any instructor, and I was extremely contented to experience this as a new faculty member. 

This was possible only because of the AEL team who are the backbone behind all the instructors to see this success. Thank you AEL team for all your continuous support."

Dr. Juliet Gladies Jayasuria
Assistant Professor, Human Resources
College of Business Management & Information Technology

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