1.1 Capitalized Words and phrases used in this procedure document and not otherwise defined here have the meanings assigned to them in the Use of Library Space Policy (PL-ST-22).
1.2 The following words and expressions are specific to this document and shall have the meanings hereby assigned to them:
1.2.1 UDST Library Website: Website outlining the resources and services offered by Library Services Directorate;
1.3 Where the context requires, words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice-versa.
1.4 Where a word or phrase is given a particular meaning, other parts of speech and grammatical forms of that word or phrase have corresponding meanings.
2.0 Procedure Purpose
2.1 To support the Use of Library Space Policy (PL-ST-22). The following procedures are to be read in conjunction with the aforementioned policy.
3.0 Procedure Statements
3.1 Library Users are encouraged to book the Digital Media Centre independently, but may request Library Service Directory Staff assistance when needed. The Digital Media Centre may be reserved using any electronic device with an internet connection.
3.2 The Digital Media Centre has six single workstations (with various audio, video, or photo editing software), one green screen, and various in-house equipment.
3.3 In order to book for Digital Media Centre navigate to the UDST Library Website using the URL:, and follow these steps:
3.3.1 Select “Student Support” from the UDST Library Website header;
3.3.2 Select “Digital Media Centre” from the UDST Library Website’s left navigation menu;
3.3.3 Under the section “Book this Space” click on the green “Book Workstation” tab. This will open a new window. Using the dropdown menu, select date for required Digital Media Centre workstation booking. Only available spaces and dates will appear;
3.3.4 Using the check boxes, select the time of the required booking. Users may reserve single workstations for up to a maximum of TWO hours daily. If more time is required, staff can assist with longer bookings if spaces are available;
3.3.5 Library Users may book any of the following: One single workspace; Up to six workspaces (if working on a group project); The entire space (if using the green screen).
3.3.6 Fill in form details, with the following information: First name; Last name; UDST email address; University ID; Name of other Students (if applicable); Other Student’s University ID number (if applicable);
3.3.7 Select “Submit booking”;
3.3.8 Email confirmation of Digital Media Center booking will be sent to UDST email address;
3.4 To cancel a study room booking, select the cancellation link in the email confirmation.
3.5 Library Service Directorate Staff will ensure that Library Users have read and understood the “Digital Media Centre Students’ Agreement & Release of Liability”.
4.0 Related Documents
4.1 Use of Library Space Policy (PL-ST-22)

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