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1.0 Definitions

1.1 The following words and expressions shall have the meanings hereby assigned to them:

1.1.1 Academic Members : Faculty Members and Instructional Members.

1.1.2 Academic Unit : An entity within the University that delivers Courses for Programs or for entry into Programs.

1.1.3 Academic Professional Development: : A planned program of activities and events that provides for and contributes to the personal and professional improvement of Academic Members, and is intended to help Academic Members improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness.

1.1.4 Academic Appraisal: : A framework that encourages Academic Members to participate in and share responsibility for their professional performance and development.

1.1.5 Academic Promotion: Advancement to the next highest rank/classification level through formal academic recognition by the University of a specified record of achievement by the Academic Member. It also confirms that the Academic Member has the potential to make a continuing contribution to the University vision and mission in (a) Teaching, (b) Scholarly/Creative activities, and (c) Services.

1.1.6 Base Academic Entity Appointment: : A principal appointment in a specified Academic Unit of the University.

1.1.7 Continuing Joint Appointments: A long-term Joint Appointment where an interdisciplinary Program depends on an Academic Member Joint Appointment contributions.

1.1.8 Faculty Members : Members of the teaching and/or research staff, whether part on or full -time, holding the following titles: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Senior Lecturer/Senior Technical Instructor, or Lecturer/Technical Instructor.

1.1.9 Fixed-Term Joint Appointments : A temporary assignment of an Academic Member to carry out work assignments with clear expectations of returning to the Base Academic Entity within a specified time limit.

1.1.10 Instructional Member : Members of the teaching staff, whether on part- or full-time, holding the following titles: Assistant Lecturer/or Workshop/Lab/Clinical Instructor, Assistant Technical Instructor, Trades Technical Instructor, or Teaching Assistant.

1.1.11 Joint Appointment: : Assignment of an Academic Member to carry out work assignments for more than one Academic Unit or department, under a single rank and tenure status.

1.1.12 Joint Appointment Appointee : An Academic Member engaged in a Joint Appointment at the University.

1.1.13 Research : The systematic and organized investigation of a subject/ topic, and study of the materials and sources in order to establish new knowledge and/or reach new conclusions.

1.1.14 Student : A person who is presently enrolled at the University in a credit course or who is designated by the University as a Student.

1.1.15 Teaching : The delivery of theoretical and/or practical instruction for the purpose of Student learning and development, that is generally organized by disciplines and/or interdisciplinarity of study and administered within an established mode and timeframe.

1.2 Where the context requires, words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice-versa

1.3 Where a word or phrase is given a particular meaning, other parts of speech and grammatical forms of that word or phrase have corresponding meanings.

2.0 Policy Purpose

2.1 This policy defines the purpose, type, conditions and expectations of Joint Appointments at the University.

3.0 Policy Scope

3.1 This policy applies to Joint Appointment Appointees.

4.0 Policy Statement

4.1 A Joint Appointment reflects the active and substantial involvement of an Academic Member in the Teaching, Research and/or supervision of Students, in more than one Academic Unit or department of the University.

4.2 Initiation, continuation, review, renewal, and termination of a Joint Appointment must have the consent of the Academic Member, and the approval of all involved Academic Units and/or departments, Faculty Affairs, and Vice-President, Academic, and in accordance with the Joint Appointment procedure(s).

4.3 Types of Joint Appointments

4.3.1 An Academic Member may be assigned to carry out work assignments for more than one: Academic Unit; or Department within the same Academic Unit.

4.3.2 Joint Appointments may be either Continuing or Fixed-Term Joint Appointments. A Fixed-Term Joint Appointment can occur for up to three-years, and may be renewed for a similar or shorter term, in accordance with the relevant procedures, provided it does not exceed the term of the Academic Member’s employment contract. Upon completion of the Fixed-Term Joint Appointment, the Academic Member will return to their Base Academic Entity Appointment. A Continuing Joint Appointment occurs for the remainder of the Academic Member’s employment contract with the University.

4.3.3 A Joint Appointment, occurs simultaneously with the Academic Member’s employment contract with the University and does not extend it.

4.3.4 A Joint Appointment does not guarantee the renewal of an employment contract with the University.

4.4 Joint Appointment Appraisal

4.4.1 Academic Members holding either Continuing or Fixed-term Joint Appointments must be evaluated/promoted according to the approved policies and procedures for Academic Appraisal / Academic Promotion.

4.4.2 A review of the Joint Appointment will occur at regular intervals during the duration of the Joint Appointment, as stipulated in the Joint Appointment Request form.

4.4.3 The principal criterion upon which a Joint Appointment will be reviewed is whether the Joint Appointment leads to significant advantages to both Academic Units/departments that are involved, and to the continued Academic Professional Development of the Academic Member. Given that, a Joint Appointment Appointees are expected to provide an annual update of activities to both Academic Units/departments for annual reporting purposes, based on the Joint Appointment procedure(s).

4.4.4 Joint Appointments may be renewed based on the review and request with clear justification submitted by the Academic Member or any involved Academic Unit/department to the Vice President, Academic’s Office.

4.5 Joint Appointment Expectations

4.5.1 The Joint Appointment Appointee is expected to apply a minimum of 65% of their work allocation with their own Academic Unit/department, and a maximum of 35% of their work allocation in other Academic Unit/department, to which they have been assigned. Exception to change the work allocation figures, can only be approved by the Vice President, Academic.

4.5.2 The Joint Appointment Appointee must acknowledge their affiliation with their Academic Unit/department and Joint Appointment department/Academic Units in scholarly publications and communications, where appropriate.

5.0 Procedures

5.1 The Vice-President, Academic will ensure that procedures are developed and implemented in accordance with this policy.

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