1.0 Definitions
1.1 The following words and expressions have the meaning hereby assigned to them:
1.1.1 Academic Members: Faculty Members and Instructional Members.
1.1.2 Academic Dismissal: A decision of the University to revoke the enrollment status of a Student from a Program based on their Academic Standing.
1.1.3 Academic Standing: The standard set by the University to determine a Student’s eligibility to remain and/or progress in a Program.
1.1.4 Academic Units: An entity within the University that delivers Courses for Programs or for entry into Programs.
1.1.5 Course: A set of Learning Sessions in a particular subject, with a defined scope and duration, and specific learning outcomes.
1.1.6 Faculty Members: Members of the teaching and/or research staff, whether on part- or full-time, holding the following ranks: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Senior Lecturer/Senior Technical Instructor, or Lecturer/Technical Instructor.
1.1.7 Instructional Members: Members of the teaching staff, whether on part- or fulltime, holding the following titles: Assistant Lecturer/or Workshop/Lab/Clinical Instructor, Assistant Technical Instructor, Trades Technical Instructor, or Teaching Assistant.
1.1.8 Learning Session: Classes, labs, placements or work term prescribed by a Course.
1.1.9 Program: A prescribed set of Courses leading to a qualification, including a Certificate, Diploma (2 years), Advanced Diploma (3 years), Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate, according to the Qatar National Qualifications Framework.
1.1.10 Student: A person who is presently enrolled at the University in a Credit course or who is designated by the University as a Student.
1.1.11 Student Appeal: An application against a decision affecting the Student, as defined in section (4.3.1) of the Student Appeals Policy (PL-ST-04).
1.1.12 Student Misconduct: Conduct that is prohibited as outlined in the Student Conduct Policy (PL-ST-01).
1.1.13 University: University of Doha for Science and Technology established by Emiri Resolution No. 13 of 2022.
1.2 Where the context requires, words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice-versa.
1.3 Where a word or phrase is given a particular meaning, other parts of speech and grammatical forms of that word or phrase have corresponding meanings.
2.0 Policy Purpose
2.1 The purpose of this policy is to recognize the Students’ right to submit a Student Appeal.
3.0 Policy Scope
3.1 The policy applies to all Students.
4.0 Policy Statements
4.1 General
The University is committed to providing a fair opportunity to Students to submit a Student Appeal, in accordance with the relevant procedures.
4.2 Appeal Scope
4.2.1 Students may initiate a Student Appeal for decisions pertaining to the following categories only: Academic Dismissal; Student Misconduct resulting in a suspension or an expulsion.
4.2.2 It is the responsibility of the Student to present evidence that supports their Student Appeal such as: Substantial procedural and/or factual error occurred in the administration of the appealed decision, and/or; Documentation or information is available that would affect the appealed decision, and/or; Appealed disciplinary decision is unduly harsh.
4.2.3 It is the Student’s responsibility to initiate the Student Appeal process within the timelines specified in the Student Appeal Procedures.
4.3 Appeals
4.3.1 The original decision which is being appealed as per 4.3.1 remains in effect unless and until it is overturned on Appeal. Submitting a Student Appeal will not prevent the decision being appealed from being enforced.
4.3.2 The President will establish a Student Appeals Committee, and approve its terms of reference, as defined in the relevant procedures.
4.3.3 All requests for Student Appeals will be submitted to the Student Appeals Committee.
4.3.4 Student Appeals will be undertaken in accordance with the Student Appeal Procedures.
4.3.5 The decision of the Student Appeals Committee can be appealed to the University President and this decision represents the final decision of the University.
5.0 Procedures
5.1 The Vice President, Student Affairs will ensure that procedures are developed and implemented in accordance with this policy.
6.0 Related Documents
6.1 PL-ST-01 Student Conduct Policy
6.2 PL-ST-03 Student Attendance Policy

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