UDST holds professional leadership training workshops on disruptive thinking in the workplace

UDST holds professional leadership training workshops on disruptive thinking in the workplace

University of Doha for Science and Technology’s (UDST) Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) directorate organized two intensive leadership-training workshops on disruptive thinking in the workplace. The workshops were arranged in collaboration with Management Center Europe (MCE), part of the American Management Association (AMA) global network of professional partners. As part of CPE’s commitment to community engagement and education, the sessions aimed to train leaders on developing and promoting a disruptive mindset in their organizations – a mindset to generate innovation, and help achieve new and sustainable growth.

Dr. Salem Al-Naemi, President of UDST, expressed his enthusiasm for the workshops, stating, "One of our core beliefs at UDST is that, regardless of the sector or industry, fostering a culture of innovation and growth is essential for an organization’s success. This is especially true in today's rapidly evolving global marketplace. We are proud to work together on this project with MCE, who is a leading provider of learning solutions in Europe and the Middle East, and offers such valuable training opportunities to leaders in our community."

The workshops were delivered to a total of 31 participants representing a diverse range of organizations, including government and private entities. All attendees were at leadership positions in their respective institutions. Over the course of the workshops, participants learned the definition and key principles of disruptive thinking and attended sessions on agility, trend-scanning and the concept of courage in leadership. Learning was facilitated by engaging activities and group discussions, while participants also benefited from an organised networking session at the start of the day. By the end of the workshop, attendees left with practical tools and actionable insights to implement at work, and each received a recognized certificate from MCE and UDST.

Dr. Saheim Al-Temimi, CPE Director, said, "Our goal with these workshops was to equip participants with the tools and mindset necessary to drive meaningful change in their organizations, by shedding light on the strength of a disruptive mindset. We hope that the insights and strategies gained from this new training will empower our local leaders to identify and pursue new opportunities for growth and success."

The CPE directorate at UDST is committed to providing progressive and impactful training opportunities to the wider community in Qatar. This collaboration with MCE is just one example of ongoing efforts to support leaders and organizations outside of the University, and contribute to the long-term educational goals of the country.