UDST Receives “Great Place to Work®” Recognition for the Second Consecutive Year. The University Stands as the Sole Educational Institution to be Awarded this Certificate

UDST Receives “Great Place to Work®” Recognition for the Second Consecutive Year. The University Stands as the Sole Educational Institution to be Awarded this Certificate

University of Doha for Science and Technology has been certified as a Great Place to Work for the second consecutive year after a thorough and independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work® Middle East. The certification recognizes employers who create an outstanding employee experience. It is attained by completing a two-step evaluation process which includes an anonymous employee survey and a thorough questionnaire about the workforce.

The survey, which was completed by UDST employees, measures the respondent’s attitudes towards various aspects of the work culture such as respect, communication and leadership behavior. The organization’s score is determined by the employees’ feedback and independent analysis; hence the certification helps job seekers identify which institutions genuinely have a great culture. It also gives employers a recruiting advantage by providing a globally recognized and research-backed verification of great employee experience.

UDST was recognized as a choice workplace due to its continuous efforts in availing opportunities for professional and personal development to its staff. The leading institution believes that continuous learning and growth are essential for its employees to excel and reach their full potential. This includes access to valuable resources, training, conferences as well as dedicated Professional Development days organized twice a year by the University. These prospects enable staff and faculty to expand their knowledge, gain exposure to cutting-edge practices, and broaden their horizons, thereby contributing to their career advancement.

Dr. Salem Al-Naemi, President of UDST, expressed his profound gratitude for receiving the recognition for the second time, saying: “Our exceptional team is the cornerstone of our success. From our esteemed faculty and committed staff to our ambitious interns, each member contributes to the vibrant work culture that defines UDST. Together, we are unwaveringly committed to advancing our vision of leading excellence in applied education and research.”

The University’s open-door policies and the active encouragement of cross-functional collaborations are intrinsic to its work environment. UDST values transparency and open communication while policies ensure that employees can easily approach leadership to share their ideas, seek advice, or voice their opinions. The University firmly believes that open channels of communication foster trust and inclusivity. Moreover, interdepartmental collaborations are highly encouraged, recognizing that the melding of diverse perspectives and the synergy of teamwork are critical drivers of innovation.

For personal well-being, UDST provides a campus environment that has been acknowledged with the FISU Healthy Campus Platinum Label. Employees have access to state-of-the-art sport and wellness facilities and programs, helping them make time for their health and well-being.

Nasser Al-Hajri, Human Capital Director at UDST, highlighted the exceptional work environment, noting: "Our policies and initiatives are crafted to empower our employees, offering opportunities for both professional and personal growth. From professional training, conferences, and keynote speaker series to top-notch wellness facilities, we prioritize fostering a healthy work-life balance for our team."

UDST prides itself on creating a positive work environment that welcomes cultural diversity, creativity and collaboration. This dynamic has been instrumental in attracting and sustaining a talented and creative workforce that is passionate about making a positive change in society and in the development of young minds.