UDST Showcases Innovation and Applied Learning at Annual Skills Day 2024

Skills day winter 2024
UDST Showcases Innovation and Applied Learning at Annual Skills Day 2024

University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) hosted its most expansive co-curricular event of the academic calendar, the annual UDST “Skills Day,” marking a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and applied learning.

With an impressive array of over 60 different competitions and activities spanning across engineering and technology, computing and information technology, health sciences, business, and academics, UDST’s Skills Day served as a platform to propel students into real-world scenarios while simultaneously honing their problem-solving skills and exploring innovative solutions to tackle challenges they are likely to face in the professional world.

In addition to fostering individual learning, Skills Day emphasized the importance of collaboration and teamwork, providing students with invaluable opportunities to work alongside their peers and faculty members. By nurturing these collaborative skills, UDST equips its students with the tools necessary to thrive in an interconnected professional landscape, regardless of their chosen career paths.

Dr. Salem Al-Naemi, President of UDST, highlighted the event's significance, stating: "Skills Day showcases our students' readiness to implement their acquired knowledge in the real world and drive positive impact and effective change." He added, "UDST has always strived to align its programs and educational approach with evolving industry trends and demands. This event is an opportunity to demonstrate what our students have learned throughout their educational journey at the university and how these skills will help them seamlessly transition and excel in their chosen fields after graduation.”

More than 340 students eagerly participated, working on challenging projects. Skills Day offered a unique experience, blending interactive educational activities with spirited competitions. Participants engaged in challenges ranging from electrical and mechanical engineering to cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, programming, problem-solving, marketing, and human resources, in addition to taking part in healthcare scenarios and skills stations and various other STEM challenges, reflecting UDST's commitment to comprehensive technical and vocational education.

Not limiting participation to its student body, UDST extended its outreach to local schools, welcoming hundreds of secondary students to witness the competitions firsthand and engage in hands-on STEM activities. By fostering this collaborative spirit, UDST aims to inspire and cultivate the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers, enriching the wider community with its educational endeavors.

The culmination of the event will be marked by a special ceremony on 6th of March where winners of the various competitions will be announced and honored with medals and recognition certificates. This ceremony serves as a testament to UDST's unwavering dedication to excellence in academic and applied learning and its steadfast mission to create a vibrant and innovative learning community that empowers students to thrive in a rapidly evolving local and global landscape.