University of Doha for Science and Technology concludes the third day of Research and Innovation Week with ITAS Arab Youth Competition and many MoU’s

University of Doha for Science and Technology concludes the third day of Research and Innovation Week with ITAS Arab Youth Competition and many MoU’s

University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) recently held its successful Research and Innovation Week on campus. Industry experts and leaders from the public and private sectors were invited to the event to participate in discussions and view the collective work of UDST’s students and faculty. Guest speakers delivered talks on a range of critical topics, and bore witness to the work the University has put into the fields of education, applied research, innovation and sustainability. Each day had a specific theme: ‘Sustainability and TVET’, ‘Digital Technology and Health’ and ‘Innovation’, with the event serving as an appropriate prelude to ITAS 2023, the International Conference on Innovation and Technological Advances for Sustainable Development, to be hosted at UDST on the same week.

The educational event, organized by UDST’s Applied Research, Innovation and Economic Development Directorate, was hugely popular. The initiative culminated in an action-packed third day that focused on the undergraduate and postgraduate presentations for the ITAS Arab Youth Competition. Further highlights on the final day included a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between UDST and Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), as well as the College of the North Atlantic (CNA).

Dr. Salem Al-Naemi, President of UDST, said, “At UDST we believe in the power of innovation to drive progress and create a better future for our region and for the world. This is why collaboration with other world-class educational institutions is so important to us. It is also why we are committed to supporting youth in their pursuit of knowledge and providing them with a platform to showcase their innovative ideas and solutions. The ITAS Arab Youth competition is a perfect example of giving talented young Arabs the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and problem-solving skills, and to connect with peers who share their passion for innovation – especially with regards to sustainable development. We are proud to host the event, and we look forward to seeing which of the amazing ideas brought to the table this week, will be announced as winners at ITAS 2023."

The ITAS Arab Youth competition was launched ahead of ITAS 2023 to promote innovation among university students, and to develop sustainable and practical solutions for Arab countries in relation to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Open to undergraduates and postgraduates at universities and colleges across the Arab region, competing teams had to identify and solve a real problem connected to achieving UN SDGs, using sustainable technological solutions. Submitted projects addressed issues related to food security, environment, energy, economy, and digital technologies for sustainable development and stimulating applied research and innovation. Fifteen university teams from nine Arab countries were shortlisted - including teams from UDST itself - and a total of 24 students presented their ideas on the third day of Research and Innovation week. The three winning projects will be announced at the opening ceremony of ITAS 2023 within the week.

This week also saw some exciting collaborations and partnerships come to light. An MoU between TMU, a non-profit academic institution, and UDST was signed, formalizing cooperation between the two educational entities which includes joint academic programs, academic staff and student exchanges, research collaborations, and the organization of common events, conferences and symposiums. The same day, an MoU between CNA and UDST was signed. CNA is one of Canada’s strongest community and technical colleges, dedicated to the training needs of local and international labor forces. Furthermore, a collaboration agreement meeting between UDST and MIT took place and the inauguration of a much-anticipated Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) student chapter at the University.

These agreements formalize UDST’s commitment to jointly develop advanced educational programs and applied research and engagement activities that benefit both local communities, and surrounding industry.