University of Doha for Science and Technology opens admission for Fall 2022

University of Doha for Science and Technology opens admission for Fall 2022
University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) has announced the opening of applications for the Fall 2022 Semester until May 26, 2022. Applicants can register online through the website “”. UDST has carefully planned its programs and educational approach to maximize benefit for its students. The University gives them the chance to be involved in a critical and integrative learning experience through simulated environments and workplace trainings to gain a deeper experience in their field of study and graduate with employable skills.

UDST offers 19 Applied Bachelor’s programs, 3 Applied Master’s programs in addition to 24 Diploma programs, 4 of them are completely new in Qatar: Bachelor of Applied Business Administration in Banking and Financial Technology; Bachelor of Applied Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence; Bachelor of Applied Science in Respiratory Therapy and Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Radiography. All programs fall under 3 main streams: Engineering Technology and Industrial Trades, Business Management and Information Technology and Health Sciences. The total number of students recorded for the winter semester is 5,294.

Commenting on the announcement Dr. Salem Al-Naemi, UDST President said: “As a leader in the State for technical and vocational education and training, we strive to prepare our students for a lifetime of professional success. UDST campus is in constant motion and we are always on the search for innovation and cutting-edge technology that will serve the teaching process. We make sure to graduate talents that are capable of adapting to the requirements of an ever-evolving national and global economy. The significant enrollment surge that we have recently witnessed demonstrates the clear understanding that students and their families have of the strengths of the applied education model.” 

At UDST both Qatari citizens and children of Qatari women are exempted from tuition fees for all undergraduate programs. This decision was announced by UDST's board of trustees in 2020 and gave these students a chance to study at the University and benefit from top-notch applied education. Academic entry criteria differ according to programs, nevertheless students need to present a high school graduation certificate, with an overall average of minimum 60% or an equivalent; a minimum required score or higher on the University’s English Placement Test and the completion of UDST’s Math Placement Test. 
Applicants who do not meet the entrance requirements may be considered for the Foundation Program designed to help them acquire the needed skills to enter their program of choice.

At UDST, students are placed at the center of the learning process. The University aims to give them as many real-life learning experiences as possible, so they can extend what they acquired in the classroom to their workplace and actively contribute to the economy. Curriculums have been designed based on the International and National Academic Qualifications Framework. All programs are delivered using hands-on applied experiential learning methodologies and include 40-70% applied components and practical experience related to one or more occupational field(s) of practice. UDST offers high-quality programs led by qualified instructors in technology-rich classrooms, workshops, laboratories, and simulated environments. UDST is considered a destination in the state for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), and a source of top-notch talent.


About University of Doha for Science and Technology

The First National Applied University offering applied Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees programs in addition to certificates and diplomas. UDST has over 50 programs in the fields of Engineering Technology and Industrial Trades, Business Management, Computing and Information Technology, Health Sciences, Continuing and Professional Education and development and more. The University is recognized for its student-centered learning and state-of-the-art training facilities. UDST boasts more than 20 years of experience in Qatar; it started as a College and transformed into a university in 2022. The University is a destination in the state for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Its world-renowned faculty work on developing the students’ skills and helps raise well-equipped graduates that are proudly contributing to a knowledge-based economy and making the Qatar National Vision 2030 a reality.