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Welcome to the Central Analysis Lab
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Our mission is to empower the scientific and industrial community with cutting-edge analytical and technical expertise. Whether you're a dedicated researcher, a dynamic student, or a forward-thinking industry professional, we're here to facilitate your journey toward accuracy and excellence.

Our Commitment

At the Central Analysis Lab, we are driven by a shared vision of championing innovation, leading progress, and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Here's how we plan to achieve this:

  • Provide analytical and testing assistance to the local community including governmental organizations, ministries, as well as local industries.
  • Aid in technical disputes and analytical investigations.

  • Provide technical support and consultancy.

  • Serve and support faculty and students' research endeavors at the University.

  • Provide training for students and other technical staff at the University and the community.


Discover our Lab

Sample Analysis process

Ordering System Graphic

STEP 1: Analysis Request Submission

Visit Central Analysis Lab website to submit your sample request form.

STEP 2: Analysis Request Examination

Central Analysis Lab team will review the request and determine which tests need to be performed based on the information provided.

STEP 3: Appointment Booking

Book an appointment to drop off your sample.

STEP 4: Sample Drop-Off

Deliver your sample based on the scheduled appointment.

STEP 5: Payment

Complete your payment using the preferred method.

STEP 6: Sample Analysis Processing

Sample will be analyzed in accordance with the details provided.

STEP 7: Result Reporting

Receive your results by email.

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