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Covid 19 UDST

Our top priority continues to be the health and safety of our staff and students and we are working hard to ensure you have the most up-to-date advice, guidance and support. All necessary precautions to protect students, staff, faculty, and the wider community are being implemented, and we will continue to monitor the latest developments and update this page as necessary.

Covid- 19 Instructions


Wear a Mask


Wash Your Hands


Keep Your Distance

Wearing face masks
Mandatory Facemask is now ONLY required for staff/contractors working indoors including cashiers, public receptionists, security personnel and medical staff on campus.

The Ministry advised people to take personal responsibility to protect themselves and others (particularly those who they care for) by wearing face masks in indoor areas if they are vulnerable, have chronic conditions, have symptoms or are near people who seem to have symptoms and when in a crowded or poorly ventilated area.

Proof of vaccination or immune status
Checking of vaccination or immune status is not required anymore to enter the University. A green Ehteraz status is still required to enter the University campus.

Rapid Antigen Tests for unvaccinated individuals
Students and staff are no longer required to have a negative rapid antigen test for Covid-19 for unvaccinated or non-immune individuals to enter the University campus.

kindly adhere to the following new control measures which are based on the decision by the Council of Ministers.

Covid-19 FAQ’s

Find answers to Frequently asked Questions about COVID - 19. We are continuously updating this section to answer your queries.



Contact Tracing Information


COVID-19 Exam Guidelines


Phase 4 Reopening Guidelines


Guide for Students Returning to Campus


Returning Safely to University during Covid-19

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COVID-19 health requirements and guidance.