Foundation Year in Health Sciences (FY HS)

Degree type:
All certificate programs
One Year

Program Description:

The Foundation Year in Health Sciences (FY HS) is a competitive one-year program that prepares graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to progress into an English- medium higher education institution and embark on a degree in the College of Health Sciences. Through the program, students gain fundamental knowledge and competencies in English, math, and sciences before being introduced to specialized courses tailored to link with future studies in Health Sciences. Through experiential, communicative learning, students engage in motivating tasks where they interact with concepts to ensure their comprehension and develop the relevant skills. The program curriculum provides content for each area, consistent with the student outcomes and program educational objectives, to ensure that students are prepared to enter the College of Health Sciences.

Program Duration:

One year

Admission Requirements:

  1. High school graduation certificate approved by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education plus the following: 

a. English Language with a minimum grade of 60%

b. Academic Mathematics with a minimum grade of 60% or Advanced Mathematics with a minimum grade of 50% 

c. One of the following three sciences: Biology, Chemistry, or Physics with a minimum grade of 60%


1. The required score on the University English Placement Test or a passing score from another approved internationally recognized English language test, as validated by the Admissions & Registration Directorate.

1. A minimum of 60% on the University Math Placement Test;


2. A valid SAT Report Form with minimum score of 480.

1. Admission is competitive. Eligible applicants are ranked based on their overall final year (Grade 12 or equivalent) high school percentage, placement tests rankings, and admission priority category.

2023-2024 Study Plan

Pre-Req Co-req CR LEC LAB
FENG1002 English II Min Score on AEP - 0 12 6
HMAT1000 Mathematics for Health Sciences Min Score on AMP FENG1002 OR Min Score on AEP 0 3 2
Semester 1 Total: 0 15 8
ACAD1000 Academic Reading & Writing FENG1002 or Min Score on AEP - 4 3 3
HMED1000 Medical Terminology - ACAD1000 0 3 0
FCHE1000 Preparatory Chemistry - - 0 3 2
FBIO1000 Preparatory Biology - - 0 3 3
Semester 2 Total: 4 12 8
FBIO1001 Fundamentals of Human Anatomy & Physiology FBIO1000 - 0 3 3
EFFL1002 Applied & Experiential Learning - - 3 3 0
Semester 3 Total: 3 6 3
Year 1 Total: 7 33 19
FY HS Program Total: 7 33 19
*Selected CGE electives for students in the final semester pending number of course hours and availability.      

Future Pathways:

Students in the Foundation Year in Health Sciences (FY HS) program may choose to continue their education by applying for any of the specialized Diploma or Bachelor programs within the College of Health Sciences.

Career Opportunities:

The Foundation Year in Health Sciences (FY HS) is an applied program with learning outcomes closely linked to the
labor market. A wide range of career opportunities in the field currently exist and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Officer
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Paramedic
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Medical Technologist
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Health Inspection Officer
  • Practical Nurse

Program Contact:

Krista Jack
Academic Manager, Foundation Program Unit