Research Pillars

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At UDST, we are committed to undertaking high impact research that shapes healthier, smarter and more sustainable communities across four interdisciplinary areas of research focus. By placing our students, researchers, and stakeholders at the very heart of issues they are passionate about, we aim to bring about a change that benefits the economy, society and environment

ARIED Pillars

The university will Adopt inter/multidisciplinary and stakeholders cluster projects which

  • Involve the relevant stakeholders/end-users and include a broad scope of participants and expertise to tackle national and regional known or emerging problems and issues,
  • Comprise several sub-projects, each one tackles one aspect of the research problem but work synergistically with others in a complementary manner
  • help leverage external funding for sustained collaborative efforts and facilitate faculty and student’s involvement in research activities, workshops and conferences
  • Have a significant, well defined, achievable measurable outcome that justifies investment in the fund, expertise and time.