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Wellness and Health Promotion

In support of the University’s Wellness Policy and Strategy towards Qatar’s Healthiest Campus, UDST is committed to a campus environment that promotes health and wellness programming and services to students, employees and the community.

Sport and Aquatics Services

The Sport and Aquatics Team is committed to offering engaging sport, leisure and aquatics programming and services, catering to all levels of ability and interest.

Facilities, Services and Events

Sport and Wellness offers our internal and external community access to outstanding sport and fitness facilities and events.
Catch Up with UDST Varsity

UDST Varsity male and female teams are looking for new players passionate about their sport! Join us at our next practice for more information and to meet the coach

For all varsity inquiries, please contact Sipho:

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David Beckham
May 24, 2022
His visit took place along with a PSG training with approximately 50 of their academy
April 2, 2022
While the holy month of Ramadan is here and as many of us unite (virtually)

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Sport and Wellness is the largest student employer on campus, hiring 40+ students every semester. Students will find the work experience at Sport and Wellness highly valuable as it provides on-the-job training, skill development and mentoring, and relevant work experience, developing competent assets for future employers.

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