UDST Alumni Engage in Meaningful Dialogue at Meeting with the President's Event

UDST Alumni Engage in Meaningful Dialogue at Meeting with the President's Event

The Alumni Affairs Department at University of Doha for Science and Technology recently hosted a momentous “Coffee with the President” event. The gathering was organized exclusively for Senior UDST alumni and served to further the department’s mission to foster strong connections with its community. Held in the campus’s VIP Hall, the meeting provided a valuable opportunity for attendees to directly interact with the President.

In a semi-formal setting, alumni engaged in meaningful discussions, sharing their thoughts and insights on university-alumni relations and suggestions on how to strengthen them. The alumni were inspired to strengthen their engagement with UDST, aiming to develop partnerships and provide support initiatives for the University and its students, including offering job opportunities.

Dr. Salem Al-Naemi, President of UDST commented on the alumni’s pivotal role as university ambassadors, saying “We are extremely proud of how well our alumni continue to represent UDST as they excel in their organizations and make valuable contributions to their communities. I believe that the fine men and women I met today are the best role models for our current and prospective students, demonstrating what graduates of this proud institution are able to achieve.”

With a legacy of excellence spanning back to 2005, UDST alumni have distinguished themselves in diverse fields both locally and internationally. Recognizing the importance of nurturing this expansive network, the Alumni Affairs department is committed to organizing a series of future events and initiatives. Earlier this year, the University launched dedicated social media platforms in addition to a bi-monthly newsletter. The department aims to streamline communication and keep alumni abreast of the University and their colleagues' latest news and announcements.

UDST remains committed to fostering enduring bonds with its alumni, echoing its student-centered approach even beyond graduation and reaffirming its dedication to developing a thriving and interconnected alumni community.