UDST welcomes its students to the Academic Year 2023/2024 More than 7000 enrolled for the Fall semester

UDST welcomes its students to the Academic Year 2023/2024 More than 7000 enrolled for the Fall semester

University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) ventured into a new academic year with more than 7000 students enrolled for the Fall 23/24. New and returning students have joined 5 Colleges that are offering more than 60 programs in the fields of Business, Computing and Information Technology, Engineering and Technology, Health Sciences and General Education.

The University organized “Ahlan”, a two-day event to celebrate more than 1700 new joiners and provide them with guidance and support. The Student Engagement Department, a division of Student Affairs held many interactive sessions to introduce new students to the campus life and facilities. Students had the opportunity to interact with faculty members and Deans from different Colleges in addition to connecting with their peers and various Student Affairs divisions such as Sport and Wellness, Counselling and Accessibility Services, Admissions and Registration and Student Central Services.

The “Ahlan” event reflects the vibrant campus life that UDST is well known for and eases the transition for new students to help them navigate their university environment in a successful manner. In addition to academic advising, new joiners were also introduced to extracurricular activities and programs notably the different student clubs that they can join to engage in and experience university life.  

Addressing the students, Dr. Salem Al-Naemi, President of UDST said: “Welcome to a university that embodies inclusivity, integrity and innovation at its core. You are now part of a strong community that will empower you and push you to new heights. Do not shy away from challenges,but consider them as an opportunity to learn and grow. We are pleased to see many new enthusiastic faces who are eager to integrate UDST and graduate as sought-after professionals who will contribute to the innovation and sustainable development of the State of Qatar and the global community.”

University of Doha for Science and Technology is starting the academic year with 8 new programs that were created to address the market needs and contribute to economic growth in Qatar and the world. The list of programs includes Bachelor’s degree in marine engineering, smart manufacturing engineering, software engineering, and midwifery. In addition to a post-diploma Bachelor in Midwifery, a Master’s program in sustainable tourism management, a post-graduate diploma in interprofessional neonatal intensive care, and a post-graduate diploma in STEM/TVET education. 

Furthermore, At UDST both Qatari citizens and children of Qatari women are exempt from the payment of tuition fees for Bachelor’s degree and diploma programs. The University offers applied Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in addition to diplomas and certificates. All programs are tailored to achieve human, social and economic development goals nationally and internationally.