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Excelling at Academics

Campus group

College of Business Management

The College of Business Management has entrepreneurship embedded in the program of study giving rise to several business...
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College of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences offers cutting-edge education in a variety of allied health professions designed to align...
School of Engineering

College of Engineering Technology

The College of Engineering Technology is the college of choice for applied engineering and technical education in the...
Information technology

College of Computing and Information Technology

College of Computing & Information Technology programs are designed to meet internationally recognized standards. Courses cover a broad...
General Education

College of General Education

The College of General Education provides a range of introductory courses which are common for students of all...
Foundation studies

Foundation Program Unit

Join the Foundation Program to assure that you are academically and personally ready to progress to one of...

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Diverse Student Clubs

Diverse Student Clubs

UDST's vibrant campus life is a highlight for students. While we believe academics come first, having a fun social life is a vital part of your post-secondary experience.

Activities, Games and Training

Activities, Games and Training

University of Doha for Science and Technology provides both male and female sport and fitness facilities, along with a list of comprehensive fitness and wellness programming where traditions and culture are kept intact.

Activities, Games and Training

Student Help Center

At UDST, we want you to succeed. If you need extra support or encouragement to complete your courses, you can count on us. In addition to our helpful instructors, there are many Help Centres to support all our students in their studies.

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