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Welcome to UHUB

A thriving space for innovation and entrepreneurial empowerment.

UHUB champions the budding entrepreneurial spirit of students, offering them continuous learning opportunities, unparalleled flexibility, regular support, and diligent evaluation.

It is where dreams take shape, ideas find wings, and the next generation of business leaders are nurtured.

UHUB Strategic Goals​




Upscale & Commercialize Capstones​


Capitalize on​ Intellectual Property


Monetize ​Applied Research​

Our Vision

A Catalyst hub for fostering innovation and commercialization through Impactful Partnerships.

Our Mission

Enabling entrepreneurs to create impactful innovation in a leading tech industry ecosystem for

Qatar's economic progress and beyond.

Our Values



Lifelong Learning, Constant Growth


Cultivating Creative Innovation


Embracing Future Foresight


Developing Adaptability


Promotion of Empowerment


Innovation Programs

What you will discover ?

  • Flexible Support Structure: Benefit from a non-cohort based approach that provides support throughout the school year, catering to students' needs without a set intake date.
  • Regular Accountability and Evaluation: Engage in consistent meetings UHUB Specialists for continuous guidance and progress tracking.
  • Extensive Networking Opportunities: Connect with mentors, alumni, investors, and the DMZ global community, enriching your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Exclusive Workshops and Social Events: Gain access to tailored workshops and social events designed for entrepreneurial development.
  • Startup Perks: Receive discounts and perks for startup essentials like web hosting, marketing, and prototyping.
  • Specialized Facilities Access: Utilize relevant labs and specialized infrastructures, labs and resources for your projects.
  • Potential Funding Access: Explore opportunities to secure funding support from UDST for your business ventures.
  • International Exposure: Opportunities to visit Toronto and participate in DMZ programming, expanding your global perspective.
  • Expert Mentorship: Access mentor meetings and pitch coaching from the UHUB Specialists and DMZ Experts-in-Residence.
  • Regular Interactive Sessions: Participate in Stand-Up-Rapid-Fires for performance check-ins, Founder Anonymous sessions for peer learning, and dedicated pitch hours for feedback.
  • Diverse Learning Workshops: Engage in workshops covering a wide range of topics including sales, marketing, pitching, fundraising, operations, and scaling.
  • Manageable Time Commitment: Expect to commit around 10 hours monthly, balancing between meetups, workshops, mentor calls, and events.

For more information or submit your application please email us to uhub@udst.edu.qa


What you will discover ?

  • Entrepreneurial Skill Development: Participate in comprehensive workshops to learn about business model formulation, product development, and mastering the art of pitching.
  • Access to Expert Guidance: Gain invaluable insights and support from experienced professionals at UDST and Qatar Development Bank.
  • Competitive Pitch Day: Showcase your innovative ideas in a pitch competition with the chance to win incubation opportunities at UHUB.
  • Financial Support: Winners of the pitch day competition will receive a grant of 100,000 QAR to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse community of entrepreneurs, faculty, and alumni, fostering collaborative and innovative ventures.

Do you have a bold business idea?

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