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Qatari businesses can provide great educational opportunities for potential students who are already employed by the company or just graduating from high school. Companies may choose the program based on their current human resources needs.
If you have a career goal and wish to be a sponsored student studying at UDST, you are encouraged to contact the Human Resource Departments and Training Centers in all sectors (government, industry and private sector), or you can ask the sponsorship team. Create your own opportunity to become a highly skilled professional, ready to assume a profession in the Qatari workforce.

Who Is It For?

This scholarship is for applicants who are/have met the following criteria:

  • High school students 
  • Employee at (government, industry, and private sector)
  • Qataris only
  • Program Degree Students

Value Proposition

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Creating Authentic Learning

Debit and credit cards are widely used in Qatar and ATM machines are at all major locations.
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Increasing Student Success

Like any other country, Qatar too, has glamorous malls with a variety of stores.
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Growth Through learning

We believe everyone has the potential to learn and grow.
Apply to Sponsorships

UDST is pleased to work with a large number of employer in securing a well-educated workforce. In addition to the UDST provide many services in a timely matter to sponsoring companies.



"Choosing an education path is never easy, we are trapped with tens of decisions to make. Choosing to study at UDST was the best decision I made. It is a place that adapted my talents and empowered me to gain not only career related skills, also to achieve on a personal scale. Having such valuable knowledge , business skills, mentors and sponsor, made me more than ready to contribute to our society. During my education journey in Business Management - Accounting at UDST, I initiated “Tmakkan” social initiative, which reactivate retirees role in the community and provide high-quality training to Qatari youth. Until 2021, Tmakkan inspired more than 4,000 youth and supported their career development, and it is aligned with Qatar National Vision 2030. I have graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Then, I continued my journey with Northumbria University in International Banking and Finance bachelor degree. Soon, I will be joining my sponsors QNB. My journey didn’t end yet, lots of destinations are still ahead. Never stop moving toward achieving your goals."

Reema Al-Kuwari
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