College of Computing & Information Technology programs are designed to meet internationally recognized standards. Courses cover a broad range of knowledge and skills, theory and practice, with a focus on application of science and technology to ensure that graduates are highly competent global citizens, innovative thinkers and problem solvers sought after by the Information Technology industry.

In addition, as the first two years of the B.A.Sc. degrees are common to all IT students, it is very easy for students to apply to transfer between the Degree programs of Data and Cyber Security, Information Systems, Information Technology, and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. 

Facts and Figures

4 four-year Bachelor of Applied Sciences programs with 12 concentrations covering Data and Cyber Security, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems and Information Technology, 4 two-year nested diploma options and Over 1000 students.

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Dr. Zakaria Maamar - Dean CCIT
Welcome message from the Dean

Dr. Zakaria Maamar
College of Computing and Information Technology

On behalf of the University of Doha for Science and Technology’s community, I warmly welcome you to your second home, the College of Computing and Information Technology. I sincerely thank you for choosing the college’s academic programs among the multiple programs that the university offers and for pursuing a career in the dynamic field of information and communication technologies.

Thank you again for making the College of Computing and Information Technology your second home. The faculty, staff, and I look forward to your success.


Department Head Welcome

Abdullatif Shikfa, Department Head Data and Cyber Security​
Leigh Willis, Department Head IT and IS

A very personal and warm welcome to the college of Computing and Information Technology from your Department Heads. We are very happy that you have chosen our college to prepare you to meet your future career goals. 

We want you to know that you have chosen wisely! 

With over 1500 graduates, our college faculty team has prepared students to take on the challenges of management, leadership and entrepreneurship across many industry sectors, regionally and internationally. 

The student experience at our college is unparalleled to any prior academic experience you have already had. Our faculty team will expose you to a new world of innovative applied and experiential learning. You will not only ‘learn about’, you will ‘learn to do’ and you will ‘learn to be’ a professional in your chosen field.

We will provide you with the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities, competitions, internships, peer tutoring, mentorship, entrepreneurship and research experiences with other students and faculty members. This will be one of the most exciting journeys in your life. Something you will remember, something you will take pride in sharing with family, friends and co-workers. Graduating students feel a very strong enduring relationship to our college and this University.

Our commitment to you is our faculty and leadership team value for academic excellence. 

You will be engaged and you will be challenged and our prior experience tells us that you will persevere. You will demonstrate your competence to meet the challenges that lie ahead, to be team-oriented critical thinkers and problem solvers, to take the lead to effect change and innovate. These are the 21st century skills that employers are looking for, why our graduates gain employment on graduation and why so many have become leaders in their own fields and successful entrepreneurs.

We are excited for you and invite you to reach out to us and your advisor on matters of interest to you.

Good luck with your studies.



Provides high-quality applied Experiential and technological education in computing and IT

to address the talent's needs of the Qatar labor market

Graduating work-ready professionals

with the needed 21st century skills

State of the Art Facilities

General Education

Cyber Security Lab

Cyber Security Lab equipped with 24 workstations connected to a high-end server to offer Palo Alto courses

Foundation studies

Hardware Lab

11 Hardware / Network specific labs equipped with major vendor specific network and hardware equipment.


Software Lab

11 Software specific labs including PC’s and Mac’s incorporating cutting edge vendor specific software.


AI-IoT Lab

This state of the art lab has 24 workstations with various AI-IoT gear and high end robots.

Our Team

The College of Computing and Information Technology is a vibrant community of academic staff, students and staff who are dedicated to Computing and Information Technology education and innovation for the future generation.


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