About Sport and Wellness


Sport and Wellness has been a key element of UDST campus life since the University first opened in Doha in 2002. We are privileged to offer world class facilities, qualified instructors and coaches, and a supportive team offering a comprehensive list of events, programs and opportunities to students, faculty, staff and the greater community. Our efforts in this regard have resulted in the international platinum designation of Healthy Campus from FISU (first in the MENA region) reflecting excellence in wellness programming.

Sport and Wellness campus facilities represent a balanced menu of both indoors and outdoor venues, making them the perfect outlet for health, fun and self-care, no matter the weather. You can locate our male only facilities in Building 18 and 13, and female only facility in Building 17, where our aquatics programming, fitness rooms, leisure and gaming spaces, and sport hall are always thriving with activity. Outdoors, you will discover our turf pitch, our world-class Events Park hosting padel, tennis, cricket batting cages, 8-lane track and FIFA standard natural grass football pitch. Adjacent to the Events Park you will find an international standard natural grass cricket ground to support University and community needs. You can also find us in the Multipurpose Sport Hall, international standard facility offering Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and the greater Public unique and high-quality air-conditioned indoor sport facilities. Located directly opposite C3 parking, the new Multi-Purpose Hall comprises of:

• 3 Indoor Padel Courts.

• 2 Squash Courts.

• Multi-Sport Court 1- Futsal, Handball, Basketball and Volleyball.

• Multi-Sport Court 2- Futsal, Handball and Tennis.

It also offers a seating capacity of approximately 600 spaces, home and away team rooms and a private female lounge. The Multi-Purpose Hall is proud to be a venue to house marquis sporting events, student engagement events and academic and wellness focused events on campus.

The on-boarding of the new MPH represents a significant enhancement of UDST’s commitment to serve as a leading post-secondary institution providing high quality and diverse sport and wellness facilities and programming to its internal community, partners as well as members of the public.

Our varsity program including male and female football, basketball, swimming and volleyball, as well as male only cricket takes advantage of these spaces.

In addition, our highly successful FITClub program in which students are encouraged to take advantage of free 8 to 12-week programs that include a wellness assessment, goal coaching and support services and instructor guided workouts. Also available are a myriad of fitness/wellness related programs with certified and experienced instructors should you have an interest in yoga, Pilates, Spin, etc.

Noteworthy are the vast array of events planned and organized by S&W including National Sports Day, Tahadi Challenges, Strong Student and Powerlifting annual events, Varsity and E-gaming competitions and tournaments, campus profile visitations to mention but a few.

We pride ourselves in our diverse and expansive offerings addressing the needs of our campus family and when appropriate the larger community. Of note, most of the S&W offerings are provided free or with minimal charges to our campus family and with extremely reasonable fees for the external community.

To further the vision of leadership in sport and wellness in the country UDST has forged strategic partnerships with key sport federations and private entities in a concerted effort to provide quality programming (both internally and to the external community) in a cost-effective manner.

In closing, whether you are looking to work on your wellness goals, get involved in sport, or take advantage of the many other events and programming we have to offer to support your campus experience, we have something for everyone! Come check us out as we hope to see you soon!

Sport and Wellness is proud to offer students, faculty, staff and the greater community a comprehensive menu of services, activities, events and other engagement opportunities to complement and enhance the student life experience at UDST. Our core service offerings are our Varsity and Sport Programming, Facilities and Wellness Programming and special events. In addition, Sport and Wellness also offers facility rentals, family and community programming, such as our multi-sport camps and swim academies. As the largest student employer on campus S&W provides significant opportunities for leadership, training and income generation to our current students.

Sport and Wellness, home of the UDST Varsity Teams currently has 5 athletic clubs, making up a total of 9 teams: male and female football, basketball, swimming and volleyball, as well as male only cricket. Our varsity teams have proven themselves as formidable competition in inter-university, club and community tournaments. Our Male Falcons Football have also been featured in the build-up for the FIFA World Cup being hosted here in Qatar in 2022. As an active member of Qatar Committee of University Sport, our varsity programs provide students ample playing opportunities and the mentorship of top-tiered coaches to learn, develop and grow in their sport. S&W makes every effort to ensure there is something for everyone in our offerings as we attempt to engage as many of the University community as possible and for the internal community access is generally without cost.

Providing UDST students, faculty, staff and the greater community with safe, secure and well-maintained state-of-the-art sport facilities is a priority for Sport and Wellness and UDST. Students, faculty, staff and immediate families of faculty and staff have free access to facilities during regular operating hours: Sunday to Thursday 6:30AM to 8:00PM and Saturdays 2:00PM to 6:00PM. Available are over 25 facilities including indoor and outdoor activity spaces, offering students a wealth of options to choose from. Of note, the provision of secure female only spaces is a priority of UDST.

Living well is not just about fitness, it is about balancing and embracing the bodies ability to move, fuelling the body appropriately for our activity levels, and prioritizing the care and respect we have for ourselves both physically and mentally. Our FITClub programming aims at guiding, supporting and coaching students on their journey to lifelong wellness. This free program is appropriate for all students, regardless of their current physical status and offers regular wellness assessments and body composition testing, habit and nutrition coaching, instructor guided workouts and exclusive access to wellness seminars and related program opportunities. Learn, start or elevate your wellness goals with us to take advantage of everything your body has to offer you.

Alumni, UDST partners and the public now have access to UDST Sport and Wellness facilities and selected services for a small fee. All rentals must be booked in advance and are generally available Sunday to Thursday from 8:00PM to 12:00PM, Fridays 8:00AM to 12:00PM and Saturdays 8:00AM to 2:00PM and again from 6:00PM to 11:00PM. Sport and Wellness also offers equipment rentals to support selected activities during your booking and has recently started offering Personal Training and Wellness Consultations. For all booking opportunities and access updates please visit: https://udstsport.udst.edu.qa/

Sport and Wellness is excited to engage the community in our new family programming offerings either under the UDST Brand or a partner brand such as PSG Academy Qatar. Our multi-sport camps and learn-to-swim academies provide a fun, educational and safe environment for participants to learn, develop and grow in their movement and sport skill. Our annual Tahadi and National Sport Day events also provide a fun opportunity for families to come together and enjoy our amazing facilities, meet our friendly staff and enjoy a day of fun programming.

Sport and Wellness at UDST offers students a valuable work experience that provides on-the-job training, skill development and mentoring, preparing our student employees to become competent assets to future employers. Our student assistant positions are challenging, yet engaging, fostering leadership, confidence and personal growth through responsibilities such as facility monitoring, customer service, lifeguarding, personal training and event planning. Positions are advertised at the beginning of every semester and students are encouraged to take advantage of the free related training and certification opportunities offered as a prerequisite of their hiring. The focus of training attempts to develop transferable skills considered valuable assets as they move to the next stage of their careers.