Welcome message from the Director


Welcome to the Directorate of Continuing and Professional Education at UDST.

We are pleased to offer a variety of part-time courses designed to help you stay at the leading edge of your industry. Our course selection is based on current industry demand, and continuous feedback from professionals like you.

Our guiding principle is to provide opportunities for enhancing the performance and capabilities of Qatari residents focused on professional and self-development, through the UDST CPE platform.

Our courses use theoretical classroom-based learning, combined with real-world practical application through learning programs designed specifically for the needs of Qatar’s leading organizations.

We deliver flexible, current qualifications that are practical and professional for multiple career stages, and offer development pathways with internationally recognized professional accreditations, helping transform talented individuals into valuable managers, global executives, and visionary leaders. 


Dr. Suhaim Al-Temimi
CPE Director
Continuing and Professional Education Directorate
The University of Doha for Science and Technology