Affording UDST

Affording UDST

Tuition and Fees

The following tuition fees apply to new students in a diploma or degree program or a returning students in a degree program.

Refund Calendar

Refunds Students are responsible for initiating their own refunds and are required to complete the Student Revenue Refund Form. Forms are available from the Admissions & Registration Department.
Tuition refunds will be issued by using the same method of payment used to pay tuition fees from the Finance Department. All refund amounts will be applied against outstanding accounts before any money is returned to the student.


Qatari businesses can provide great educational opportunities for potential students who are already employed by the company or just graduating from high school. Companies may choose the program based on their current human resources needs.


Dynamic Futures Qatar (DFQ) Scholarship is a University Scholarship offered by the Education Above All Foundation, through its Al Fakhoora program, for expatriate youth living in Qatar who are about to start their study at CollegeUDST.

UDST Admission

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