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Applied Research, Innovation and Economic Development Directorate

“Supporting research and innovation through strengthening Technical and vocational learning, policy and practice.”

The Applied Research, Innovation and Economic Development Directorate does the following functions:

  • Liaises between UDST, industry and the State of Qatar to address Qatar’s National priorities. 
  • Identifies sources and secures research funding.
  • Involves UDST students in applied research activities. 
  • Oversees pre-award and post-award stages for both external and internal grants. 
  • Increases UDST applied research profile at National and International levels.
  • Ensures compliance with the highest standards of research integrity.
  • Facilitates knowledge and technology transfer developed at UDST for student employability and success. 
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Message from the Director

Welcome to UDST’s Applied Research, Innovation and Economic Development website. The pages detail our research projects (e.g. QNRF and SEED), staff development, publications and workshops/seminars. They include Innovation aspects such as the Business Gateway, patents and research center development. The University’s UNESCO-UNEVOC Center focuses on developing our international TVET profile and as a QAPCO Chair I deliver TVET initiatives. I believe engaging students in applied research is one way TVET education can raise its profile. Students have different abilities, subjects, skills, etc. Some of you will be early developers, while others develop will later in life, including as mature students. It is not about when you get there, as long as you do. Research, Innovation, Enterprise and Commercialization are part of a continuum and TVET education is an important part. UDST is participating in the capacity building of the Nation through QNRF applied research projects, SEED projects, etc. This means students experience applied research first hand and stakeholders will become aware of the important contributions UDST is making. Our research contributions are having increasing internal and external impact and I look forward to working with you to enhance your University experience.

Research Impact Statistics

Number of publication and citations by UDST faculty
Number of awarded research projects at UDST
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Number of new applied research initiatives per year
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Number of students engaged in applied research and innovation
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Number of applied research seminars and conferences
Number of faculty in applied research

Research Highlights

Research Pillars

At UDST, we are committed to undertaking high impact research that shapes healthier, smarter and more sustainable communities across four interdisciplinary areas of research focus. By placing our students, researchers, and stakeholders at the very heart of issues they are passionate about, we aim to bring about a change that benefits the economy, society and environment.

Research Projects

UDST Research Projects showcases research excellence at the University. It provides information about the research projects, researchers linked the project, the and other details. All of this information is linked to give a comprehensive view of research at UDST.

Researcher Profile

UDST Research Profile showcases research expertise at the University. It provides information about the research experts, projects they are involved in and contact information for research collaboration. All of this information is linked to give a comprehensive view of research at UDST.

Research Support


Internal Fund

Internal Grant – SEED Research Projects 

The SEED Funding is an internal grant from the Applied Research, Innovation and Economic Development Directorate that encourage Academic Members and Staff to pursue various start-up research projects in their disciplines, which have technical, academic and /or social importance. The ARI office strongly emphasis applicants to gradually develop their ideas in order to apply for external grants, such as QNRF or get them market ready.  The SEED Research Projects is stipulated for a 12 months duration and in exceptional cases, upon approval, a project may be extended to 18 months.


Applied Research Labs

The Applied Research Centers at UDST are platforms for collaboration and exchange of ideas among researchers. Our core facilities provide services, technology access, and expertise researchers require. UDST is a home to more researchers, State-of Art labs and even a Research Ecology Greenhouse dedicated to scientific research in biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, engineering and much more. We aim to provide our researchers with infrastructures to promote a research culture which will in turn make the world a better place.

Innovation and Incubation

Business Gateway in cooperation with our development partner, Qatar Development Bank is designed as a pre-incubation hub, aimed at encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship. It will work with its partners to serve the university community to accelerate bringing innovative research, and promising ideas to the marketplace, as well as assisting all entrepreneurial students, faculty, staff and alumni tap into the "innovation ecosystem."
Business Gateway is a knowledge space that exists to inspire and cultivate professional entrepreneurship among the university community from its diverse faculties. Our core objective is to support businesses to start, grow and scale into sustainable enterprises.

How to participate in Business Gateway?

Business Gateway is for all UDST students, faculty, staff and alumni who are interested in starting their own business. Stay tuned and participate for the upcoming workshops for more information on the Business Gateway Competition.

In order to gain access to the pre-incubation hub, potential participants need to complete a draft business plan and successfully present their business case to a selection panel. The possible entrepreneur also needs to justify the market potential for their proposed business idea and produce samples of the product or service to be offered.

The designated UNESCO-UNEVOC Centre Qatar is located within UDST's Applied Research, Innovation and Economic Development Directorate. It is a Centre for Excellence dedicated to advancing Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Qatar.

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Dr. Michael Phillips
Director, Applied Research, Innovation and Economic Development
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Head, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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Research Affairs Specialist
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Research Affairs Specialist
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Research Assistant
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