English Communication

International Students
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Thematic Clusters

Program Description 

COMM1010 English Communication I (3 credits)

A solid foundation in reading and writing skills is essential to prepare students for success in any program of study.  Students will be introduced to the essentials of grammar, paragraph structure, reading strategies in academic contexts, and summary writing. Through varied reading and writing assignments, students will achieve proficiency in applying these fundamental communication skills to academic writing at the paragraph level.


COMM1020 English Communication II (3 credits)

As students move forward in their programs of study, critical reading and writing skills are required to generate research reports and to evaluate information. Students will focus on a given problem they must research to develop a data-driven solution and recommendation in a research report and oral presentation. By critically interpreting and analyzing information and data and then using it in various forms of workplace communication, students will achieve proficiency in evidence-based reporting in oral and written form.

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