Join the Foundation Program to assure that you are academically and personally ready to progress to one of the University’s English-taught diplomas or degrees.

  • Improve your English language to reach the required level of English to be successful in your program.
  • Bridge the gap between school and university. Education standards differ around the world, from teaching methods to qualifications.
  • Make friends in a supportive environment while building your confidence to succeed in an English-taught diploma or degree. Smaller class sizes with an experienced instructor make this possible.

The Foundation Program at UDST is ideal to improve your English and Maths skills to kick-start your educational journey.

Welcome Message from the Academic Manager

Krista Jack
Foundation Program Unit

Welcome to the Foundation Program where students take their first step in their learning journey to become University students at UDST.

Our mission is to provide you with the fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to successfully complete your future studies.  Each day, this mission is achieved through our highly qualified faculty members whose rich experience, dedication, and commitment to professional development aid in creating a rich and robust program that prepares you, our students, to prosper in your educational journey.

Academic Programs Offered

Technician Certificate Foundation Program
Foundation Program



"Being part of the UDST faculty is real satisfaction and privilege for me. The Foundation Program is a unique chance for teaching international students who are highly motivated, interested and eager to learn more, which makes it a pleasure to teach. UDST gives everyone great teaching and learning experience in a very friendly atmosphere."

Saada Deni

"I would recommend the Foundation Program to all students. This program has helped me rediscover my love of learning. My confidence was quite low when I joined the university but I have found all the program’s aspects very supportive. I am actually beginning to believe in myself."

Mohammad Salim

"As a new Math instructor in the foundation program, I would like to share the following:

  1. It is a great experience teaching in the foundation program, as I am constantly looking for areas of growth through the help I received from my colleagues, coordinators, and managers. 
  2. I am enjoying teaching this foundation level for university students where they interact in the best possible way that enables them to succeed in their future courses and careers."
Wassim Abou Ghaida

"The Foundation Program has been great! It’s exactly the type of program I was looking for. My courses in the Foundation Program were rewarding in every possible way."

Abdulrahman Heidous

"This is my second semester in UDST. I am an EFL instructor in the Foundation Program. I am thrilled to see how both administration and instructors are very friendly and helpful. This opportunity has added a lot to my teaching experience."

Reine Waked

"At the beginning of my admission to University of Doha, I was having difficulty communicating with other students and teachers because I was unable to speak fluently in English, but in my foundation course the teachers helped me a lot to develop my language and communicate with other students through class activities and put us in groups to solve assignments and discuss with other students and made projects together and do presentations. All this helped me in my major courses and increased my ability to communicate with others."

Noor Alajji

"At the moment it’s good. I would recommend the EN courses to others as they’ll meet lots of lovely people with different backgrounds which helps with their learning."


Fayez Rehman

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