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Program Description:

The Master of Science in Human Resource Management (M.Sc. HRM) is a two year post-graduate program which provides graduates with the knowledge skills and competencies to meet the growing needs of human capital. Graduating students will be able to demonstrate an applied practical knowledge of human resource functions, and deal with complex issues systematically and creatively. The program uses an integrated approach to develop independent thinking in planning and implementing tasks at a professional level. It combines courses in core business areas with research-focused courses in a model fit for the specialization. In particular the program addresses issues such as labor-capital shortages, HR field skills gaps, and the development of the local and expatriate labor force. Graduates possess the ability to apply an advanced body of knowledge in multiple contexts for professional practice and as a pathway for a doctoral degree in human resource management.

Graduates are well positioned to effectively participate in the economic growth, social development and environmental management requirements of Qatar National Vision 2030.

Program Duration:

Two years

Admissions Requirements:

1. Bachelor of Business Administration from UDST; OR

2. Undergraduate degree in a related field of study from an accredited higher education institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

1.The required score on the University English Placement Test or a passing score from another approved inter-nationally recognized English language test, as validatedby the Admissions & Registration Directorate; OR

2. A valid (within two years) IELTS Academic Test Report Form with an overall band of 6.0 with no individual band score (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) below 6.0; OR

3. A valid (within two years) TOEFL score of 90 and minimum scores of 17 in listening, 18 in reading, and 20 in speaking; OR

4. A valid (within two years) iBT score of 72.

1. Academic transcripts related to the undergraduate degree and/or post graduate diploma presented upon application, and

2. Employment certificate from current employer with minimum experience of 2 years full-time employment


3. Applicants who have not completed an approved Business Studies Undergraduate Program may be considered for entry, and these applicants may be required to take and pass one or more Undergraduate courses to prepare them for success in this Master’s Program.

To see the 2022-2023 Study Plan pages, please CLICK HERE!

2023-2024 Study Plan:


semester 1
HRMG5010 Contemporary Issues in Human Resources - - 3 3 0
BUSG5010 Advanced Business Research Methods     - - 3 3 0
BUSG5020 Decision Making & Negotiation     - - 3 3 0
Semester 1 Total         9 9 0
SEMESTER 2      
BUSG5030 Corporate Social Responsibility & Governance     - - 3 3 0
HRMG5020 People Analytics     - - 3 3 0
Elective: Select 1 of 2
HRMG6081 Global Talent Management     HRMG5010   - 3 3 0
HRMG6091 Organizational Development & Change     HRMG5010 - 3 3 0
Semester 2 Total           9 9 0
Year 1 Total       18 18 0


Course number course title REQUISITE HOURS/WEEK
    PRE-Req co-req cr lec lab
Semester 3
HRMG5030 Leading Strategic HR Transformation HRMG5010 - 3 3 0
HRMG5040 Digital Human Resources HRMG5010 - 3 3 0
HRMG5099 Human Resource Management Thesis BUSG5010 - Credits will not be counted in this semester. Course will be assessed in the final semester
Elective: Select 1 of 2
HRMG6082 Culture & Diversity Management - - 3 3 0
HRMG6092 Talent Management & Development - - 3 3 0
Semester 3 Total 9 9 0
SEMESTER 4      
HRMG5099 Human Resource Management Thesis BUSG5010 - 6 0 18
Elective: Select 1 of 2
HRMG6083 Managing Change in Multinational Corporations HRMG5010 - 3 3 0
HRMG6093 Design Thinking & Creativity - - 3 3 0
Semester 4 Total:       9 3 18
Year 2 Total:       18 12 18
M.Sc. HRM Program Total 36 30 18

Graduate Future Pathways:

Graduates of the Master of Human Resource Management (M.Sc. HRM) program may choose to continue their post graduate studies and pursue a Doctorate degree in their area of specialization.

Career Opportunities:

The Master of Science in Human Resource Management (M.Sc. HRM) is an applied two year program with learning outcomes closely linked to the labor market. A wide range of career opportunities in the field currently exist and include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Human Resources (HR) Manager

• Compensation & Benefits Manager

• Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Manager

• Talent & Acquisition Manager

• Learning & Development Manager

• Recruitment Manager


Program Contact

Dr. Juliet Jayasuria
Department Head, Human Resource Management

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