General Education courses introduce students to mathematics and quantitative analysis, the natural sciences, research methods, and analysis, as well as the interdisciplinary nature of modern science and its applications. Selected courses in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the arts will provide students with the opportunity to become more aware of global and regional challenges and to explore the wider social implications of an increasingly diverse and interconnected world while developing the principles of personal and social responsibility necessary for thriving and advancing their intellectual and practical skills.
The College of General Education provides a range of introductory courses which are common for students of all undergraduate programs, grouped in six thematic clusters.


The College of General Education will be recognized for its commitment to academic excellence and delivery of a forward-looking General Education Requirement that enables the Vision and Mission of the University and responds to the needs of individual learners, ensuring that they are prepared to succeed in, and contribute to, the growth of business and industry in the State of Qatar.

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Dr. Rosie Bateson
College of General Education


Thank you for visiting the information pages of the College of General Education. On behalf of the entire academic team and staff of the School, it is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you – as a prospective student, interested parent, colleague, member of the public, a current student, or a College graduate.

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College of General Education

Welcome to the College of General Education. Our goal is to help you adjust to learning at the higher education level and prepare you for success in your program courses. Our college offers a variety of courses in Mathematics, the Natural Sciences, English Communication, Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts. The curriculum of the General Education Requirement is delivered by means of technology-rich and interactive teaching methods based on experiential learning.

The Department Head's role is to act as a link between students and their instructors and administrators, helping with registration, scheduling, disciplinary issues, and course-specific information. 

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"I started working at UDST in August 2003 and I can say that there is always something exciting going on here. I love the learning opportunities that I have shared with students and colleagues over the years. From Falcons as part of oral presentations, to travelling to Bangladesh with students on an educational mission with Reach out to Asia, to being honored on International Teacher's Day as a 15-year employee -- rarely a dull moment. Lots of memories, shared moments and lasting friendships are at the core of so many of my teaching and learning opportunities. This is why I am still here!"

Andrea Comeau
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"My instructors made clear the basics that had to be mastered to move on to more complex ideas and they were always available to help."


"Anyone who keeps learning stays young. Thanks to UDST, my friends and I were able to continue our education. I feel like I am younger by 20 years."

Mohan Kumar

"I remember having a lot of difficulties with math. The instructors here took it step by step - my grades got better, and I understood the material."

Nour Masri
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"When I started in 2008, I could not stand in front of people and talk. Then I started opening up to people and now I am a member of the Debate Club."

Ahmed Hamdy, Information Systems
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"I have learned a lot in this department, and I have had some incredible instructors who have helped me get through it all. I have never met such gifted and compassionate individuals who are always eager to assist. I am here today because of their generosity. It has been a wonderful journey with wonderful teachers, from inspiring us to allowing us to explore the various courses in General Education."

Maryam Shaikh

Our Team

The College of General education is a vibrant community of academic staff, students, and staff who are dedicated to general education and innovation for the future generation.

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