Attendance and Punctuality Standards

The University recognizes that regular Attendance and participation in Class is fundamental to Student success.

The maximum allowable limit for absenteeism is 15% of Learning Sessions per Course during a semester.  Students exceeding the allowable limit for absenteeism in a Course will receive a failing grade for that Course, regardless of their performance.  The Academic Units may identify specific Learning Sessions, absenteeism from which will lead to a failing grade in the corresponding Course.

The University expects all Students to be on time for Learning Sessions. Learning Sessions will commence as listed in the Student’s schedule.  Students arriving after commencement of the Learning Session or departing prior to the completion of the Learning Session may be recorded as “Absent” in the Attendance System at the discretion of the Academic Member.

For safety and operational reasons, the Academic Member may, for certain laboratory Learning Sessions, prohibit Students from entering after the Learning Session has commenced. Students arriving late may be prevented from entering the Learning Session and will be recorded as “Absent” in the Attendance System.

All non-attendance will be factored into the Student’s attendance computation.

Attendance and punctuality standards will be included in the Course Syllabus and communicated to students by Academic Members on their first day of the Course.

Attendance Recording

Attendance recording and calculation starts after the end of the Add/Drop period and ends on the last Learning Session of that Course.  Academic Members must record Student Attendance into the Attendance System within 24 hours of the Learning Session.

Attendance absence percentage is calculated per Course based on the total amount of time the Course is scheduled to meet for the Semester.


Students who have an extenuating circumstance for being absent must email their request and appropriate supporting documentation to the Admissions and Registration Directorate within two business days of the Student’s return to the Learning Session. Extenuating circumstances include:

  • Medical notes validated by the Ministry of Public Health
  • Bereavement for spouse, parent, grandparent, child, or sibling
  • Maternity
  • Chronic illness

Extenuating circumstances will be recorded in the Attendance System as a Documented Absence but will still be included in the Student’s Total Absence percentage.

Absence from a Learning Session does not relieve Students from completing any missed Course Requirements.  The Academic Member may grant Students an extension for completion of Course Requirements if substantiating evidence is provided.

Placements (Clinical and Work Terms)

Students, who are enrolled in a Placement as part of their Program, are responsible for ensuring that they adhere to the attendance standards set by the Placement provider.

Students exceeding the allowable limit for absenteeism in a Course set by the Placement provider, where it is lower than the standard set by this Policy, will receive a failing grade for that Course.

Absenteeism Notification

Throughout the semester, notification will be provided to Students who exceed 10% absenteeism.  This data will be shared with the Academic Units and Sponsors.  These students will be advised to meet with their Academic Advisors who will recommend an appropriate course of action.  Where it is reasonable or foreseeable to expect that the 15% maximum allowable limit for absenteeism will be exceeded, Students, in consultation with their Academic Advisor, will be advised to Withdraw from the Course by the end of the Withdrawal Period.

Up to and including the last day of the Learning Session, notification will be provided to Students who have failed the Course by exceeding the 15% maximum allowable limit for absenteeism. Students who fail a Course for absenteeism may remain in the Course but will not be eligible to attend the Final Examination in that Course. Academic Members will be notified to assign an Attendance Fail (AF) Final Grade to Students who fail the Course for exceeding this maximum allowable limit.

Attendance Review

Students who feel that their Attendance has not been accurately recorded in the Attendance System should discuss the matter with the Academic Member teaching that Learning Session. This should be done within five business days of the Learning Session in question.

If the discussion with the Academic Member does not result in a satisfactory resolution, the Student may request that the matter be reviewed by the Department Head. This should be done within two business days of the Academic Member’s decision.

If the Student is not satisfied with the decision from the Department Head, the matter may be escalated to the Dean or Manager of the Academic Unit for a final decision. Such a request should be made within three business days of the Department Head’s decision.


In extenuating and unforeseeable circumstances, Students who exceed the 15% maximum allowable limit for absenteeism can petition the Attendance Fail (AF) Final Grade to the Department Head. Careful consideration will be given to the extenuating nature of the circumstance and when the absenteeism occurred in the Semester. Successful petitions will result in the Student being Withdrawn from the Course and a Final Grade of W assigned.  No refund will be issued.

In certain extenuating and Documented Absence circumstances, the Dean may grant an exception to students who have exceeded 15% absence.