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School of Business Management and Information Technology

The College of Business Management has entrepreneurship embedded in the program of study giving rise to several business start-ups. Our college uses applied and experiential techniques to enhance student learning

The work-term/internships with industrial partners provides real work exposure prior to graduation where students complete workplace activities within the roles and responsibilities of their program. All the programs within the college are aligned to industrial standards and expectations, hence preparing students to enter into their career with necessary skills and capabilities.  

Facts and Figures

The College of Business Management is the largest college with over 1500 students enrolled in our programs. We offer nine different undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Our highly qualified faculty consists of 45 full time members and is continually growing to incorporate excelling industrial and educational knowledge in the field of Business Management. Our college has successfully prepared more than 1700 graduates ready for work and to be valued members of society.

Experienced faculty
Graduates (2019 - 2020)
Welcome message from the Dean!
Professor Dr. Kashif Hussain
College of Business Management


The College of Business Management offers a diverse and industry focused range of programs in the broad field of Business Studies.  All of our programs of study are applied, meaning that graduates can function effectively within their chosen careers, contributing generally to the business, and specifically within the area of expertise they have chosen to develop.

welcome message by the chairs
Department Heads Welcome

Welcome to the College of Business.  We are very happy that you have chosen our college to prepare you to meet your future career goals. We want you to know that you have chosen wisely! With over 2,000 graduates, our college faculty team has prepared students to take on the challenges of management, leadership and entrepreneurship across many industry sectors, regionally and internationally. 

The student experience at our college is unparalleled to any prior academic experience you may have already had. Our faculty team will expose you to a new world of innovative applied and experiential learning. You will not only ‘learn about’, you will ‘learn to do’ and you will ‘learn to be’ a professional in your chosen field.

We will provide you with the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities, competitions, internships, peer tutoring, mentorship, entrepreneurship and research experiences with other students and faculty members. This will be one of the most exciting journeys in your life. Something you will remember, something you will take pride in sharing with family, friends and co-workers. Graduating students feel a very strong enduring relationship to our college and this University.
Our commitment to you is our value for academic excellence. 

You will be engaged and you will be challenged and our experience tells us that you will persevere. You will engage, you will demonstrate your competence to meet the challenges that lie ahead, to be team-oriented critical thinkers and problem solvers, to take the lead to effect change and innovate. These are the 21st century skills that employers are looking for, why our graduates gain employment on graduation and why so many have become leaders in their own fields and successful entrepreneurs.
We are excited for you and invite you to reach out to us and your advisor on matters of interest to you.
Good luck with your studies.

Professor Dr. Stuart Jauncey,     Associate Dean, College of Business Management
Dr. Aws AlHares,              Department Head – Accounting/Department Head – Banking and  Financial Technology
Mr. Gerard Dominic,        Department Head – Digital Marketing /Department Head – Healthcare Management
Dr. Syed Bashir,                Department Head – Human Resource Management

College Vision

To be the leading educator offering high quality, applied business education closely related to the industry standards and empowering students with entrepreneurial skills to bring revolutionary contribution to the community.

Research Highlights



"So far, this program has helped me to comprehend the various functions and responsibilities of the Human Resources department. Even though I was employed as an Administration Services HR associate, I was focused on my particular duties and responsibilities and was not familiar with the responsibilities of other functions. In this program, it has really clicked for me and the various functions have been brought into perspective.

It is also appealing and helpful to have instructors who are engaged with students and can provide real-life experiences and examples."

Noor Eladab,
Bachelor of Applied Business Administration in Human Resources Management (B.A.BA HRM)

"The new Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management for me has been great so far. The courses are filled with vibrant and interactive lectures and labs which take a very practical approach to the learning process. Just into the program I have learned lot of concepts, ideas and opinions to build my understanding of HR Principles. The instructors are enthusiastic in encouraging student participation in class activities, debates and presentations – This experience is very enriching indeed. All in all, I am glad that I opted for HRM Degree Program at UDST."


Madhia Salahuddin
Bachelor of Applied Business Administration in Human Resources Management (B.A.BA HRM)

"As a faculty member in the college of Business, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a diverse, creative, and inspiring group of faculty and students. I am proud to be a part of the growth at the University and the uncompromising future of degree programs, ahead"

Angela Flowerday

"My time in –University of Doha for Science and Technology has provided me with the honor of meeting some highly qualified HR instructors within the business department. They have helped me become a more confident version of myself, and provided me with a space to further improve my communication skills- both in a formal and informal setting."

Hebah Qureshi
Kyra Zee Sales, Diploma in Human Resources Management (Dip.HRM)

"Being accepted to my first choice of college, the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar, has empowered me to explore my potential. As an HR student, I learned that my hard work and perseverance in academics have certainly help me to achieve great heights. …but developing a heart of compassion and an understanding of differences are also worthy badges of honor that I can be proud of, as a product of the College of Business Management. I look forward to the opportunities that await me in my future."

Kyra Zee Sales
Diploma in Human Resources Management (Dip.HRM)
Fahad Al Khalaf, Diploma in Human Resources Management (Dip.HRM)

The skills and knowledge that I have gained from College of North Atlantic - Qatar have prepared me for any challenge that I might face in my professional life. The HR diploma program is well regarded in the industry and community at large. It is definitely worth pursuing these credentials.

Fahad Al Khalaf
Diploma in Human Resources Management (Dip.HRM)

"There are many reasons as to why I chose UDST as my University. There are many programs to choose from and the admission requirements are very reasonable. One of the biggest things which attracted me was the amazing faculty and the vibrant campus environment."

Fathima Ahmed

College of Business Management FAQ’S

Students are permitted to move from the Diploma program to the Degree program on Dean/Department Head approval.

Yes, students may move from other colleges to our college on approval from the Department Heads of the chosen program.

The college provides additional academic assistance to students through the Accounting, HR and Digital Marketing Help Centers and Financial Trading Center. In addition, our faculty have office hours in their schedule where students can meet one-on-one to discuss matters related to their coursework.

Students will be assigned Academic Advisors to assist with planning their future courses, providing academic advice, adding/dropping courses and any other enquiries.

All students are required to complete the work placement course to graduate. Students working in their study discipline or who have worked in their study discipline can speak to their Department Head to determine if they qualify for a Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) exemption form the work placement course. 


Students can contact Mrs. Nicole Penny, Student Counselling Specialist for the college of Business for special accommodation requests. The Counsellor will then coordinate with the college to provide the necessary accommodations.

Our Team

The College of Business is a vibrant community of academic staff, students and staff who are dedicated to administrative education and innovation for the future generation.


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