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Sport and Wellness is the largest student employer on campus, hiring 40+ students every semester. Students will find the work experience at Sport and Wellness highly valuable as it provides on-the-job training, skill development and mentoring, and relevant work experience, developing competent assets for future employers. Our student assistant positions are challenging, yet engaging, fostering leadership, confidence and personal growth through responsibilities such as facility monitoring, customer service, lifeguarding, personal training and event planning. 

Positions are advertised at the beginning of every semester and all job openings can be found under “Student Success and Employment > Student Employment” on your D2L portal. To see a list of all of our positions and their pre-requisite requirements, please check out the link on this page.

Some of our positions do require specialization certifications prior to hiring; we encourage all students to take advantage of the often free related training and certification opportunities offered by Sport and Wellness. Currently this includes Lifeguard Certification and Swim Instructor Certification. If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, please contact us for more information on a credible training service, applicable pricing and strategy to complete. It is important to stress that any of the skills incorporated in these specialized training opportunities helps develop transferable skills which represent valuable assets after graduation as you seek full time employment. 

Sport and Wellness welcomes participation, particularly by students assisting in the organization and presentation of different activities and events. We are exploring a formalized volunteer program which we hope to roll out in the near future. In the interim, anyone interested in assisting our team is welcome to contact us by phone, email or in person.

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